George Strait Concert Kansas City: Where We Stayed and Ate

We saw George Strait in concert. The end. 

Haha, no, but seriously, we did! He was friggin awesome!! So here’s how our day/trip went.

Hubby and I have been doing Keto (More to come on that). We decided that we could find something to eat at José Peppers. Plus, we really like José Peppers… win win.

José Peppers

1100 E North Ave
Belton, MO 64012


Kansas City: Where We Stayed, Where We Ate, What We Did

Wow, it’s been quite a while since we actually went to Kansas City, but still, it’s worth mentioning.

Last month we made a weekend trip, actually just an overnight trip to Kansas City. The goal was to go to the Farmer’s Market and get Jalapeños. I know that sounds funny, but hubby makes these things called candied jalapeños and the best place to get bulk jalapeños at a decent price is the City Market in Kansas City. Gosh, I love that place. The first time we went, I wound up buying 20 pounds of jalapeños. This time we only bought 15 pounds. haha. You still get just as many weird looks buying 5 pounds fewer jalapeños.

But, because we went, we decided to make it a weekend trip. This summer’s goal has been to Have Fun!

Where We Stayed

4600 Summit St. Kansas City, MO

We stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Kansas City Country Club Plaza. (more…)

It’s Wedding Season

I don’t know if you know it or not, but summer has officially sprung! Here in the midwest we went from Winter to Summer. Spring, what’s that? I’m pretty sure last fall we didn’t know what Fall was. We just fell from Summer into Winter. Crazy Midwest weather.

But, that being said, It’s coming on big time wedding season. They say that people in the olden days got married in June because they took their yearly shower in June so they’d smell good. But for good measure they carried a bouquet of flowers to hid that musty smell. haha. I sure hope that was a joke! In this instance, I just hope I’m gullible because if that’s true, pew.

Last weekend, I went to a wedding. Yup, that’s where I was headed with all of that. The weather was gorgeous! We drove out to Big Hill Lake near Cherryvale, Kansas. I have a bunch of friends that live in that area. I was apparently only 3 miles from one of them. I’m not sure about the other… but on one of their farm websites they mention Big Hill Lake in their description on where they’re located.

When I got there, wedding preparations were already underway. As you can see, I got in on some good pictures of them making lemonade. We also had taste testers in this endeavor. It was fun. (more…)

We can haul a gooseneck

When hubby bought his truck, it’s a 3/4 ton Ford without gooseneck trailer hauling abilities. That seemed extremely crazy to me. Normally a bigger truck has the set up to haul a gooseneck trailer and when most of your trailers are gooseneck’s… you kind of need that ability. We did our research and we were able to purchase a B&W Turnover ball to place in the bed, all we had to do was drive out to Humboldt Kansas to the factory to have it put in.


Kansas from Cedar Vale, Kansas

Does that title have you scratching your head? Well…. Meet Kansas….

Okay, I’ll explain. So a year ago we had 3 colts born… Blue Jeans, Flash, and Cadillac. All stud colts. All yearlings now. We have a lot of horses so this summer we decided to sell a couple off. We posted Flash and Blue Jeans up for sale just to see what would happen. Early in the summer we had a guy hit us up about a trade, horse for horse. We weren’t real sure we wanted another horse, we wanted to disperse some so we kind of said thanks but no thanks.

About a week ago or maybe 2 now though, we rethought that and hubby hit the kid up. I say kid because now we’ve met him and I think he’s probably 18… that’s a kid to me ;). Anyway…. we got some more info on the horse. He’s a 7 year old broke gelding who is just grade. Now grade means no papers. All of our horses are registered. Does that matter? Really only when you go to show maybe.

We kind of wondered why the kid wanted to swap a broke horse for an unbroke stud, but we didn’t question it too much. After some discussion, we decided to do the swap. We got a broke horse out of the deal and sometimes they’re easier to sell anyway if we were to decide to sell him.

Karen and Jared came over on Tuesday of that week to help us try to get a halter on Blue Jeans because he wasn’t broke… not one bit. Not even halter broke. It didn’t work in our favor.  Thursday night my dad went back out with us and we finally got a halter on the colt after a lot of trying. It wasn’t an easy feat but the minute we had the halter on him, his attitude changed. We had him leading in 20 minutes. It was crazy.

And our only real casualty was dad’s arm. Some how dad’s arm got struck by Blue Jean’s front leg. Ouch!


Memorial Weekend 2016

I’ll apologize now. This will be photo heavy but I’m just going to do Memorial Weekend in one post and get it done. So Be Warned! 🙂

Our Memorial Weekend really started Thursday night. Tbug had a softball game… yes, she’s playing softball now. So we went over to her game and then she just came home with us because we planned on going to the lake. I have no idea if they won or lost or even kept score… But I can tell you that Tbug went around all the bases and made it home as if they were scoring a point. She even slid in to home instead of doing a summersault like she did earlier in the season. I guess you can take the girl out of cheer but you can’t take cheer out of the girl.

After the game we went to Jared and Karen’s house to borrow Karen’s truck (again, she needs that jalopy) and their camper. There was a tire that was starting to go bad so the guys decided to change it. We made it about 5-10 miles from their house and the tire blew. So I called Jared and asked him to come rescue us. I might also mention this was close to 10 or 11 at night.


Oh where have the words gone?

I’m at a loss for words today. I feel like I have been the last few days. Nothing really unusual or anything, just words have left me and I don’t know how to write. Which is detrimental when trying to write a paper. I gave a presentation, I messed it up, but went and talked to the professor today and told him my take on how I presented and he saw what I said. He didn’t see it that way but he saw what I saw when I explained it.

Recently my husband and I wound up in Pittsburg at lunch time. He asked what I wanted and I suggested the Mall Deli. I had never eaten there but everyone raves about it and it’s funny but the few times I’ve tried to eat there, there have been lines out the door of people wanting to eat there. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Okay… so truth be told, the food was excellent! I had a French dip. I’d go for this over hubby’s and his was excellent! That’s all the words I can come up with. Like I said words have left me. The bun, YUM. The meat, YUM! The dipping sauce. The chips. I didn’t eat the pickle 🙂


Farm Shows & Fried Chicken

You would think I might do these posts in a specific order… you know by given date or whatever, but that’s just not my style. So yesterday you learned what a Thursday evening looks like for us, then I promised you Friday evening but instead let’s jump forward to Sunday shall we? It only sounds fitting… I don’t know why, ask me later why it sounds fitting but for now just go with it.

Sunday we made plans to go to the Four State Farm Show with my dad. It’s a yearly farm show that is held over in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Last year Abug was only a couple weeks old so she wasn’t able to join us, but this year, this year she’s a year old so that didn’t stop her or us! I have started making it a point to get pictures of her “driving” all these different things… I think it started with my dad’s new truck back the end of May. So we had to climb all over all the new farm machinery. We “drove” tractors, combines, sprayers, lawnmowers. There was nothing off limits.


Spring Break Tuesday

Tuesday morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Wow, do you see a pattern? I actually took a picture of my breakfast this time. See, doesn’t that sandwich look GREAT? It was friggin awesome! Their orange juice was great too. Every day we stayed there I got seconds on the OJ. It was that good.

Check out time at the hotel wasn’t until noon but about 10:30 I was ready to do something. Especially since we stayed in the hotel all day the day before. We went ahead and checked out and then made our way to the Plaza. We had massage appointments at a place called Massage Envy. We got there early and they checked us in early. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his. Mine, I had to lay on my side and I lost feeling in one arm, and then when I rolled over, my shoulder went to sleep on the other side. :(. Bummer! The guy who gave me my massage told us about a restaurant to try at 47th and Broadway called Oklahoma Joe’s. It was a BBQ restaurant in a gas station. We got there around 1:15 and the place was packed, so we decided to find somewhere else to eat. (more…)