Ads and the Weekend

Hello Monday! I’m sitting here, listening to my baby girl talk about packing up to go to the “hotel” for the 15th million time (no joke). She’s obsessed with hotels and staying at hotels and packing for hotels. I think she’s stayed at a hotel maybe 2 handfuls of times since she’s been alive. I’m not talking days, but different trips. But she’s totally OBSESSED with hotels.

Every time we pass a hotel she comments on the hotel. There’s one about 15 miles from here that every time we pass it she comments she wants to stay there. Every time. I’m not kidding. This is NOT an exaggeration. And we pass this hotel about once a week if not more.

In other news, I got sidetracked this morning looking at more recipes that I’m going to save but will probably never make. I want to write a cookbook so bad but I keep questioning it… whose to say that I would sell any. With the millions of cookbooks on the market, what makes a person actually think, I’ll buy this cookbook over that one. I mean have you been to a bookstore lately and seen the amounts of cookbooks on the shelf? Maybe not… cookbooks are becoming a thing of the past these days. It’s really sad.

But I bring all of this up because… I ran across a recipe this morning for Hot Chocolate Dip. As I scrolled through it looking at the ingredients and the words of the blogger, I got tickled by the ad that was in the middle of the page.

Do you see the irony there? It’s a recipe full of sugar with an ad in the middle for the 3Step Sugar Detox. I couldn’t help but laugh about that… seriously. Anyway… moving on…. (more…)

Round and Round We Go

Last week was the Lamar Fair. I pretty much grew up there during high school and college. In fact, from the time I was 15, I think I only missed 1 until I was too old to show there. That’s not to bad I don’t think. And I have lots of good memories from there… like the time that I got into a water fight. I’ll have you know I didn’t start it.

Okay, so the water fights at the Lamar fair… At the end of every livestock portion of the fair, there was typically a water fight. The officials tried to stop it, but it never happened, so then they banned it from being under the tents (yup we were under tents at the time, now they’re under a pavilion). So as long as the water fight stayed outside the tents, it was fair game. 2 friends and I had left to go get lunch. When we got back, Chelsea and I made a deal that if one of us got wet, the other would join in on the fight.

I took off running like mad because we both had kids hot on our tail, I dove into someone’s sheep pens head first while she got soaked. So I walked out the front of the tent and said hit me, which caused me to get hit with 4 different buckets of water from all directions. But then, the hunt was on. What do I mean? Oh Chelsea and I were out to get all our fellow sheep participants involved in the water fight. By the end of the water fight, I’m pretty sure that most all sheep participants we showed with were soaked, including our official leader. He was a parent, but we didn’t take mercy.

Those are the kind of stories I want my kids to have. Fun ones. Even though it sucked being soaked in jeans and boots, it was a lot of fun and something I wouldn’t trade. Luckily for me, I brought dry clothes to go home in. Poor Lexie, a fellow competitor we got soaked, she did not, so she had to ride home pants less or so her mom told us.

Abug is too little to show yet, but when I heard the Lamar Fair was going on, I asked the hubs if we could go up one night. The one thing about the Lamar fair is that they have rides as well as the animal portion of the fair. We always start out in the livestock barns because, well, that’s where I grew up. It’s always funny to me to see the kids who were her age when I was showing, now being at that showing age. It’s CRAZY!

Case in point… This kid right here was like 2-4 years old the last year I could show. Now he’s 17 year’s old I think someone told me earlier this summer.

After yacking with my friend Casey and his dad Randy for a while down in the sheep barns, and Casey and hubby ganging up on me more than once (by the way, I have multiple stories on Casey… we’ve been friends way to long), we decided to head up to the carnival portion of the fair.


20 Photography Blog Post Ideas

1. A day in the life post – These are always fun because it allows people to get a feel for your day.

2. What’s in your Camera Bag – Sometimes this is helpful for other people. It allows them to get ideas for their own bag, especially if they are newer to photography.

3. What camera you use – I always love these. It allows me to see what other people use and I’m nosey like that. I devour camera reviews.

4. Speaking of Camera bag – What camera bag do you have and what features do you like?

5. Start a 365 project – It is time consuming but oh so worth it. I’m about to wrap up my second year of doing this. Yup, 2 years now. I think I’m going for a 3rd, but changing it up a bit. Either focusing solely on photos from my dSLR or maybe Black and White Photos. I haven’t decided yet.

6. Show some behind the scenes in setting up a picture – Not everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot.


Frame Family Recipes/Home Decor

Do you have that recipe that is near and dear to your heart? How about that recipe that your grandma or your great grandma wrote and you don’t want to lose…

Well have I got an idea for you… At our house that recipe is my grandma’s corn casserole. Truth be told, this grandma passed away in 2007, but I lucked out and she wrote the recipe down in her handwriting. That recipe is so dear to my heart because of that.

Since then we’ve made sure to incorporate it into a lot of family meals, because well it’s a way to keep grandma’s spirit alive. But how about another really cool way to keep grandma’s spirit alive… Why not frame it?

So for my birthday I asked for a photo frame. Initially when I did, I figured a 5×7 or maybe a 4×6, but my mom got me an 8×10. Well the recipe paper wasn’t that large so I started thinking, what to do, what to do?? Then it hit me. Why not use my photoshop skills…


Strawberry Moon

They call it a Strawberry Moon. Apparently from what I’ve read it’s because having a full moon on the Summer Solstice told olden cultures it was time to harvest. Seems a little early to me… I guess in Europe Strawberries aren’t common so they call it a Rose moon. It’s also known as a honey moon and a couple other names. Maybe that full moon explains some weirdness that’s been happening, like a snake in my car. Seriously who has that happen? I have an update on that… but not today. I just played with taking pictures last night and thought I’d share.

Supposedly this Strawberry Moon hasn’t happened since 1948. My Mother in law said she was 2 at that time. And supposedly it won’t happen for another 48 years. They say for most people it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I’m 32 + 48, I could potentially see another one…. I’d be 80. Yup, the English Major just did Math… check me!

Happy Summer!

NCHA Day 2016 – Ozark Mountain Cutting Horse Association

I have grown up showing cutting horses. My mom showed Arabs when I was born, but at age 5, she sold her Arab and we bought Quarter Horses. We got in to showing cutting horses and while those first years I mainly sat on the fence and learned what you weren’t supposed to do, I got a lot of experience with the horses. I showed my first one when I was 10. I told a guy named Randy Butler “Can I go home now please?” as I was riding in the herd to cut out my first cow. I mention this because he quoted me and called me by name when he quoted me that year when he showed at the Futurity… and he’s a trainer. I always got a kick out of that.

So every year the NCHA has what they call NCHA Day. There are 25 areas in the country and one association in each area is designated to host NCHA Day. It is the first Saturday of June. This year was Ozark Mountain Cutting Horse Association‘s Year (OMCHA). My dad is on the board and they were looking for a photographer to come in and snap some pictures. Dad volunteered me. So hubby and I loaded up that morning and headed over to the show to take pictures.

Do you remember last year when a Vegan Activist group went after Walmart for putting out a toy cattle hauler? They said it was a slaughter truck. I can show you right here that it isn’t a “slaughter” hauler. These cows came in off of acres and acres of grass for the show and then they went right back home. Just saying. This is called a cattle hauler.

The cows are kept in pens out back until they come in for the show. Hubby wore his Muck Boots so that he could step out back and snap a few pictures of the cows.