Kansas from Cedar Vale, Kansas

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Does that title have you scratching your head? Well…. Meet Kansas….

Okay, I’ll explain. So a year ago we had 3 colts born… Blue Jeans, Flash, and Cadillac. All stud colts. All yearlings now. We have a lot of horses so this summer we decided to sell a couple off. We posted Flash and Blue Jeans up for sale just to see what would happen. Early in the summer we had a guy hit us up about a trade, horse for horse. We weren’t real sure we wanted another horse, we wanted to disperse some so we kind of said thanks but no thanks.

About a week ago or maybe 2 now though, we rethought that and hubby hit the kid up. I say kid because now we’ve met him and I think he’s probably 18… that’s a kid to me ;). Anyway…. we got some more info on the horse. He’s a 7 year old broke gelding who is just grade. Now grade means no papers. All of our horses are registered. Does that matter? Really only when you go to show maybe.

We kind of wondered why the kid wanted to swap a broke horse for an unbroke stud, but we didn’t question it too much. After some discussion, we decided to do the swap. We got a broke horse out of the deal and sometimes they’re easier to sell anyway if we were to decide to sell him.

Karen and Jared came over on Tuesday of that week to help us try to get a halter on Blue Jeans because he wasn’t broke… not one bit. Not even halter broke. It didn’t work in our favor.  Thursday night my dad went back out with us and we finally got a halter on the colt after a lot of trying. It wasn’t an easy feat but the minute we had the halter on him, his attitude changed. We had him leading in 20 minutes. It was crazy.

And our only real casualty was dad’s arm. Some how dad’s arm got struck by Blue Jean’s front leg. Ouch!

Friday hubby took a half day vacation, Jared and Karen came over, we loaded the colt up and headed off to nowhere Kansas.

Nowhere Kansas is also known as Cedar Vale, Kansas. It was kind of like a ghost town. Now this is where people think I’m a nerd… I love Kansas. I know it’s flat but look at that view… I mean seriously! And the sunsets… OMG, the sunsets!

Anyway when we finally got to Cedar Vale I had to pee soooooooo bad. Sorry tmi but the thing is, there was no where open. We were there about 5:30 to 6 and no where open. There was a gas station but we didn’t pass by it. That and the restaurant were the only things open. And this… this is a jail. Probably not used now, but it was used. It was real. CRAZY!

The kid and his friend met us on the road we were sitting along side. He told us to follow him down the road to the Baseball, Football, Rodeo Grounds. Not going to lie, we all kind of giggled at that thought but it really was a nice complex. Especially for such a small town.

Luckily we hauled 2 panels with us to help reload Blue Jeans because this was his second time being loaded into a trailer. Really, he was easy even though we did use the panels. He took about 5 minutes and loaded himself. Smart colt!

But the good thing is we got a good gelding out of the deal that is broke to ride. We needed another riding horse here because we were running shy on broke horses. So that’s the story of how Kansas came to live in Missouri.

We don’t know what the kid called the horse so we named him Kansas.

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