April 6th on the Dot

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I almost got to title it April 7th on the Dot which I did back in 2013, but nope, he didn’t hang on for that….

What am I talking about?

We had our last baby of the spring born yesterday!! Woot Woot! I woke up to a text from my dad of the newest baby.

This baby is a full brother to the baby born in 2013 that was born April 7th. That is also the baby who put a T-post through his chest and we finally sold a few weeks ago. We were done with his crazy butt! Hubby was a bit sad because it was our first baby but I was actually jumping for joy because he was CRAZY and I didn’t want him hurting any of us!

Baby girl didn’t get to be in the stall with this one once they were moved in the barn because Sis is a little more protective of her baby. We have 3 mares who had babies this year and they all 3 have different temperaments. Blondie is laid back and easy going, Freckles was right there but allowed us to go in with her. Sis is extremely protective. In fact I didn’t even get in the stall with her. I did snap some quick pics through the stall though even though she wasn’t real sure she was okay with that. Then I had to run off to school.

At our house you’d think we like colored horses. The only colors we don’t have are gray and a blue roan although this baby may make it so all we don’t have is gray.

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