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Ok so I got addicted to reading the Pioneer Woman’s website. At first just the blogs, but then saw her photography site so after reading just blogs, I started to tackle all old photography blogs. I so would love to get better! I admit, photoshop has taken away some of the greatness that people strive for in shots b/c oh photoshop will fix that later, etc… but I’m still trying to learn it anyway. It cracks me up that she always has shots of her husband and other cowboys in their jeans &/or Chaps or chinks, but I’m a country girl, I dig it!

So anyway one day I was at my house playing around with my camera and decided I wanted to create my own cowboy butt shot (yup I just said butt, you can call it a hiney, a gluteus maximus, a tuckus whatever you want, it’s still his backside). Prince Charming and my dad were riding horses and since one of our mares is getting ready to foal, PC has been riding my show gelding so I’ve been footing it or else riding the fence (not literally, get your mind out of the gutter ;), just a figure of speech… others that are said is riding the pine). So I took it upon myself to make my butt shot!

It still needs a little work but this is really only my third attempt at photoshop. I cheated by using some of the PW Actions. My first goal was I did the burned edges. The I sharpened it and then turned it black and white. Changed the opacity so some color came through, then I hit it with Seventies twice. I think I did something else too but I can’t remember now, I’d have to go get the original. I’ve tweeked it a little since this shot and PC really likes it. My fave part, isn’t he going to love his rear is on the internet :). The best part is it really looks like a Wrangler ad out of a magazine….

So what do you think?? (and avoid looking at my dirty saddle please!!!)

The End! Lots of Love,
Nicole 🙂

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