Weekend fun

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Usually my life isn’t always so busy but it seems like since we announced we were engaged/getting married, started looking for/buying a house, etc it’s been so stinking busy! I’m ready for a slow down but I hear that doesn’t happen, instead it just goes faster and faster and faster and faster and well you get the point!

It started Thursday night, my dad bought a load of Alfalfa hay so we all brought a change of clothes with us to work, dad hauled the trailer in and after work we headed to the hayfield. I think the bale count was 110. Mom drove, Dad & Prince Charming threw bales up to me and I stacked. Then we tied them off and headed home. Since we came straight from work PC & I followed the loaded trailer in my Mustang and I’ll tell you, I’m glad we tied it down! There have been many loads we haven’t but this one leaned to the right bad! We made it home though!!! and got all the load put up into the loft. I had a nice blister on my finger b/c I was using PC’s gloves and they are to big but I couldn’t find mine. So Friday morning dad said we were going back Friday evening. This time we all ran home, changed clothes and headed out to the field together. Again another 110 bales. I wrapped my blister in a bandaid to give it extra cushion and then finally found my gloves, which I might add STINK! I need new gloves!

We all had our same positions as the night before but dad had mom put the truck in 4×4 high instead of low and she threw me all around the trailer going and stopping so PC had her kick it into 4×4 low and it was much better!

Saturday we all got up and headed with my dad to get feed and wanted to go to the flower shop but they weren’t open yet so we went back home, unloaded feed and went back to the flower shop. Got PC’s mom a rose bush for Mother’s Day, my grandma a flowering plant, a couple flowers for our new house and then headed to town. Got a bunch done, walked around Home Depot and Lowes for ideas, got a bridal shower present and a wedding present for 2 different people, mom picked up some make-up and the make-up lady got to meet PC finally (she did my make-up for our first date :)), went to the store… busy day. We got home around 6. Then fixed up the crockpot ingredients for Mother’s Day dinner and headed to bed.

PC got up at 4 to put the crockpot on and then we got up later. That was for Slow Cooker Beef Tacos which were excellent! I was going to make homemade taco shells but at the last minute ran out of time. To go along with that we had this awesome dip (I’ll include recipe, super easy) and corn on the cob that is a Paula Deen Recipe.

We gave my mom the mixing bowl we got her and Memaw (PC’s mom) the rose bush then headed into PC’s dad’s to see his grandma, then back to my grandma’s to take her the flowers we got and then back to PC’s dads to take back photos that I swiped to scan for our slide show (I’ll share some) and then finally to our friends house for Sunday Night Dinner. Boy just going through all this again makes me sleepy and I was already tired.

Oh and all Weekend long I’ve been saying, “Dumb Dumb bring Gum Gum.” It’s off of A Night at the Museum. And I guess the real phrase is, “Dumb dumb, you bring me Gum Gum.” But it was so bad I had to get the movie and watch it!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and honored their mother’s!!!

The Dip:

1 Pkg Cream Cheese
1 Pkg Sausage, browned
1 Can Rotel Tomatoes

mix together and serve with tortilla Chips!

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