Chocolate Cake – 2 Ingredients!

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You just never know what we’ll be doing on Wednesdays. I typically spend my Wednesday’s at the Extreme Sports Scuba dive shop. Today happens to be Wednesday so you know where I am, right? Well what am I doing you may ask?

  • I wrote a blog post about a SCUBAPRO Nova 720 Flashlight with as many puns as I could about flashlights, ✓.
  • I ate lunch, ✓.
  • Oh and I made a diabetic friendly cake with icing, ✓.

Wait, what?

Are you confused? Don’t be, I’ll explain. A few years ago, like 10, someone told me about a cake to try. I laughed when they told me what the cake consisted of… A Chocolate Cake mix and a can of diet coke.


You’ve got to be kidding me, right? No siree Bob, I’m serious as a heart attack. btw, I wonder where that phrase came from… really both of them… No siree Bob and serious as a heart attack. Another pondering for another day. Back to the cake…

I called my grandma up and asked her if she believed it. She said, well I have the stuff, let’s try it so I went to her house and guess what… it worked and it was really good. Now at the time I was told that was a weight watchers friendly recipe. A way to have your cake and eat it too for few points.

We were being impatient waiting for the cake to cool to ice it… therefore we inverted it, on a little to small of plate, and then stuck it in the freezer. It worked and tasted even better!!

I’m not sure how many because that was 10 years ago and I wasn’t doing weight watchers. The thing was, how do you ice it? The only icing recipe my grandma knew had a bunch of sugar in it, therefore… you may forgo the calories/fat/points/etc on the cake but you made up for them in the icing.

10 years and I never came up with an icing recipe. But don’t you worry, I did the other day. This recipe is awesome. You’re welcome. Make sure you make a chocolate cake so you’re ready to go for this icing recipe! It’s a good one! The “diet” Icing Recipe!!

And I definitely want to say, don’t discount this cake because of the diet coke. Some people might. Don’t!!



*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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