3-Ingredient "Diet" Icing

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Yesterday hopefully I changed your life with a “diet” cake. Seriously… a cake mix and a diet coke. That can’t be real bad. A few sugars/carbs scattered throughout all the pieces of cake so it’s not even one slice. Just think of that.

But I mentioned that when I heard about that, I wasn’t sure how to ice that baby so we made full-fledged sugar icing. Still better because of the cake but……..

The other day I was searching the internet. I have no idea how I came upon this recipe, but it changed my life for the better. And seriously, you could eat it just plain, I’m telling you.

Ingredients: Milk (I chose skim, but you can do unsweetened almond milk and remove even more sugars although the skim milk doesn’t have many sugars at all…..), Sugar free coolwhip, and sugar free pudding mix (I went with cheesecake so this stuff tasted just like cream cheese icing, only better).

Then you’ll need a bowl to mix in, a whisk, and a spatula (if you pronounce like Paula Deen, Spatuler)

Add half the milk you’d normally add to the pudding. So the pudding calls for 2 cups, you just put 1 cup in. Then use your whisk and whisk together. When it gets thick, fold in the coolwhip.

And bam, 3-ingredient icing. Then add it to your cake… or you know, eat it out of the bowl. No judgement here! And for the 9×13 cake I made yesterday, I didn’t even use all of the icing… see the skim milk sugars spread even thinner.

Now this isn’t decorator’s icing, but for just icing a cake… heck yeah. You subtract out all of the sugars and remember that all the calories stay in the piece you don’t eat and you’re golden! I’m telling you!

*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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