Cake Time Confessions

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Should I confess about this cake… I mean really.

So my Friend Jody had a friend looking for a cake for her husband’s surprise birthday party. I was asked what I would do this for, I shot a price, and I had myself a cake job.

I made the motorcycle out of Royal Icing. I made it on Wednesday so it would have enough time to dry because if you put Royal Icing on Buttercream icing, it won’t set up.

Thursday I decided I was going to bake/semi decorate the cake and finish it off the next day, the day she needed it for the party. Life had other ideas for me.

I went home and made a cake. The cake didn’t bake up as high as I wanted and I wasn’t real happy about that so I went and baked a second cake. The second cake baked, but when I went to take it out of the pan, came out in 3 pieces. I decided, no big deal. I’ll put it on bottom, put the good cake on top, and you’ll never no any different. Ha, was I sorely mistaken. As I went to get the bottom cake in 3 pieces on the bottom… I lost the corner. It wasn’t much of the corner so I decided to make it out of icing. Again, NO!

Needless to say I was so frustrated getting the cake together that when I went to ice it, the bottom cake stuck out 1/4 -1/2″ more than the top cake. Sigh. Okay, so you can fix that with icing. I decided to do that. Once I got it all iced, with the help of my grandma, I took the cake home. Later that evening I decided I needed to check on the cake. All the icing slid off the side of the cake and was all over the cake board. I thought I was going to cry.

I ran to the store, bought more stuff to remake the cake, and rebaked the cake on Thursday evening. Checked to make sure they would come out of the pan, check. Whew. I had to pick Tbug up the next morning and be at her house by 7am, so I decided to come back and redecorate the cake on Friday morning. Sure…

The next morning I remade my batch of icing. As I was finishing up the icing… it didn’t smell quite right. It smelled old. Sure enough, the shortening was old. Sigh! So I threw out that batch of icing, went and got a new tub of shortening and tried again. Surely, 3rd times a charm, right? Yes, in this instance, the third time was the charm! The icing tasted great. Icing went on the cakes easily. Cake was quickly decorated. I delivered the cake. It was no longer in my possession and I was told they were happy. Whew!

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