Grandma’s Cookbook

Grandma J's Favorite Recipes Cookbook

If you know one thing about me, you probably know 100, but here’s another tidbit of information about yours truly… I love cookbooks. Yes, it is a fact that I absolutely LOVE cookbooks. I swear, I have a cookbook addiction. Some days I think it’s a bad thing and other days I absolutely love it. The funny thing is, you can probably find any and every recipe you want on line these days, yet I want those hard cover cookbooks. It’s just the thing that I need to have. I love the feel of the paper and the weight and having it right there all spelled out for you. I get frustrated when I get flour on my computer or my iPad goes to sleep before I’m done following a recipe.

Why do I bring this up? Well, for Christmas last year my grandma gave me a present I truly cherish. She compiled a bunch of her favorite recipes into a small three ring binder. All the recipes are in protective pages so I can pull them out if I need, but are easily cleanable should I get stuff on them. And best yet, a lot of them are in her handwriting.

Jump forward a couple months and she went into the Church to give pie crust making lessons. I don’t really know all the details, but I just know that a bunch of the ladies in her church wanted her pie crust recipe and wanted to learn the lessons from her. My Christmas present is a copy of one she made herself. When the ladies at the church saw this cookbook, they wanted one too. That’s when, Grandma’s Cookbook was created.


We Lost Her

If you remember here recently I asked for some prayers for my husband’s grandmother. At that time we weren’t sure if she’d ever leave the hospital, but she did. She pulled through and they released her. It actually got to the point she’d have good days where you knew she knew who you were and then there were days like in the hospital when she’d look at you dazed and confused.

About 6 months ago when she was in the hospital she signed a DNR. That right there was difficult for most of the family to understand, but she knew her place with God and was ready to go home when he called. She didn’t want to stay alive on machines only.

June 29, a few friends came up from Texas. Their first goal was to see Grandma W. Hubby and I ran in to town to see both Gary and Ruthie, but also Grandma W. The whole time we were there she never opened her eyes and she had very difficult shallow breathing. The nurses told the family to prepare for her to not make it through the night. She did.

Hubby’s cousin was coming down from Nebraska the next day. I’ve always heard that when people are preparing to leave this earth that there are people they are expecting/waiting to see. Once they’ve seen them, then they move on. I whole heartedly believe that.

My Grandpa was alive until I made it to Southern Oklahoma to see him. I remember driving down Father’s Day weekend 2008. I stayed with him and talked to him. He didn’t know I was there but they all said he did. My dad went down with me. My mom originally didn’t want me to see him like that because she didn’t want me to remember him like that. I told my mom, just stop me. I don’t usually speak that way, but I was going no matter what. I’m so glad I did and while I remember how he looked, that’s not how I remember him. I left around 7pm that night to make 5 1/2 hour trek back home. My mom called at 2am to say he’d passed away. I believe he was waiting to see me. And while maybe that sounds a little conceited… I still believe that with my whole heart.


Totally Spent

This has been quite the last couple weeks of emotional roller coasters. It started 2 weeks ago this Sunday. Hubby, Abug, and I were at breakfast with my parents when hubby’s sister called. She called him first and then me, that’s an obvious sign something is wrong. So I immediately called her back. We found out that his grandma was headed to the hospital.

Grandma woke up that morning not feeling well but insisted on going to Church. When they got her to church hubby’s cousin is an EMT so she grabbed her stethoscope and listened to grandma’s heart/breathing. Decided she needed to go to the hospital so hubby’s Aunt Robyn loaded grandma up in her car and took off for the hospital.

The hospital is maybe 10 miles from the church if that. They went out the main drag to the highway and from the highway entrance it’s like 5 miles. The hospital is out on the highway. I guess when Aunt Robyn turned on to the highway Grandma had been saying that she was having trouble breathing. AR told her to breathe from her nose (she’s on an oxygen tank) and that’s when her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she quit breathing. AR found out her car will run 110 mph on the highway. She turned on her 4-way flashers and put the pedal to the metal.

By the time we got to the hospital a lot of the family was there in the waiting room, but no one knew anything. They were still trying to get Grandma stable. We sat in the waiting room until about 3pm that day. They finally got her stable, but had her sedated so she didn’t try to pull the trach tube out. We were then able to go back and visit with her.

Now our small town hospital is very lightly staffed so they usually use it as a transfer hospital these days. That being said, they couldn’t get an ICU room over at the bigger hospital for grandma so they kept her there until around 7pm or so that day when finally an ICU room opened and they transferred her.


Bird Hunter

Oh where to start… No, I’m not referring to duck hunters or anything of the sorts… I’m talking about hunting a bird. Let’s back up….

So the other day we happened to be at the local dive shop we hang out at…

On the side of the shop toward the back there is a big garage door. it leads into the back side of the shop which we had a door open and a bird flew in the door. I was standing in the middle of the shop and screeched that a bird flew in. So we opened all the doors in the shop trying to chase it out. Didn’t work.

So eventually it perched, we tried to catch it, didn’t work. So we went on the hunt again to find the bird. Jared went upstairs, Karen checked the classroom area, someone went in the kitchen, I wandered around the main part of the shop… NOTHING. We thought maybe it flew out the door.

About 5 minutes later hubby found it on the upstairs ledge. So he grabbed some grabbers and tried to get the bird. He actually grabbed the bird and accidentally dropped it. shucks. So we went after the bird again. This time we found it at the front of the store so Hubby went after it with the grabbers again trying to get ahold and got the bird.

We were afraid the bird wouldn’t be able to fly after that, but it so did. It flew away like a bat out of hell. I don’t blame it 🙂

You’re still missed

A lot has happened in this world in the last 5 years. Tonight the world has become in turmoil again because of more terrorist attacks. But this day in history has a bit of a different meaning to me and my family. You see, 5 years ago today we lost my grandpa.

This is the song that we played at his funeral. This is the song that we all said was my grandpa. He loved nothing more than family and was there no matter who in the family needed him or how they needed him.

I miss him! In fact, that’s an understatement.

That year is the year I shared his and my grandma’s story, the next day I shared a little more to the back story, and then I got the phone call that an ambulance had been called to my grandparents house to pick my grandpa up. He died the next morning somewhere around 2-4am. I’m not exactly sure the time. And as an honor and a tribute to my grandpa, he was cremated. We asked for a handful of his ashes and we placed them on the back of Chico, his horse so that he could ride for eternity!

I miss you grandpa!

Weekend review – Better late than never!

This last weekend started off with celebrating my grandpa’s birthday Friday night. On our way down to pick my grandma up my dad got a phone call from a friend asking him to come over and ride horses Saturday morning.

I knew hubby had plans on cleaning up around the house… no specifics were know, just the knowledge of it. So when dad asked if we wanted to go ride with him, Tbug, Abug, and I jumped at the chance. Come on, ride horses or work… you decide. Hubby is a good sport and said, “well you girls have fun.”

We got up early enough Saturday morning that we could run through town and get breakfast, then we headed to my parents house. Dad decided we could eat breakfast before we unloaded horse/cow feed (don’t worry we got him some too) so I sat Abug down on the dog food for a place to eat her breakfast. If you want to know how to keep a toddler still for a photo, give her food! :). haha.

Then it was time to unload feed. Tbug decided to help Grandpa carry the feed into the barn so I drug the sacks to the back of the tailgate so they could grab them. I stayed at the truck though to watch Abug and make sure she didn’t decide to nose dive off the tailgate.

Then Abug and I jumped in the front seat of the truck and moved it over to the trailer so we could hook it up, load up the horses and head to Wayne’s house.

Once we got to Wayne’s house Abug and I stayed on the outside of the fence for a few minutes while they warmed horses up. Our horses hadn’t really been ridden in about a month to a month and a half so I didn’t want her on one that might act up.


Our Monday that Was

Recently I have shared with you Wednesday nights, Thursday evenings, Friday day, Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, so why not keep with the theme and share last Monday with you. Is it anything spectacular, no, probably not but it is what it is. That and last night I got to see Dancing with the Stars live and I’m too tired to think of anything else to blog about… so you get last Monday.

Mom woke me up at 7:30am. Yes, that’s not early, but when you haven’t slept much because you can’t get comfortable and your husband snores, you make up for it in the mornings. Abug and I thought it would be fun to go with mom to Springfield shopping so she woke up around 9 while I was fixing my hair. I put on CMT because she loves listening to music and that entertained her while I was getting ready.

Mom came and got us and we were finally off. Then it was time to go shopping. While mom was trying clothes on, Abug was entertaining herself in the mirror. (Don’t worry I was there with her, she wasn’t just left in front of the mirror ;)).

After we went shopping we went to lunch. One of my favorite places to eat is Zio’s. There are so many good places to eat in Springfield and we always migrate to Zio’s. We were being mean sending hubby pictures and messages that that is what we were having for lunch. I jokingly told my mom I should take hubby some of the Tomato Florentine soup home for dinner. Then I said I needed to get 2 so that I’d have something to eat too…. Mom took me serious and ordered Chicken Parmesan, 2 cups of soup and Tiramisu for dessert for us. Thank you mom, we love you!!


Lazy Dawg Days of Summer

Let’s set the record strait, yes, we have a swimming pool. No we didn’t open it this year. There’s lots of reasons why that I don’t feel like going into right now, but yes, yes we do have a swimming pool.

Sunday the weather was sunny and hot! Hubby, Tbug, Abug and I went to run a few errands and then come back to the house so hubby could help work on the tractor and the baler (2 separate things… not one thing involving both… sadly!)

I figured that Abug would LOVE to play outside so I went and got a horse watering trough that we actually used for sheep and filled it with water for Tbug and Abug to play in. It really was the perfect size pool for Abug. She can stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down and so on… you get the point. I got Tbug a chair and said either A) sit in the chair and stick your feet in or B) get in and play with her.

Once we got them all set up in the shade, I left them up by the house where dad and hubby were working right beside them on the tractor and I went and jumped in the other tractor and went and raked hay. Should I mention I ran the other tractor out of hydraulic fluid? There was a line that busted… #fail! Luckily it happened right as I finished up my last row to rake so I parked the tractor and went back to the girls.

Abug got cold so Tbug was taking her in the house to dry them all off and then Abug went down for a nap.


Movie: Men in Black

Earlier this week, or maybe it was late last week, my days are kind of running together at this point as I’ve been fighting a cold, the flu, an ear infection, a cough for 4 weeks now. Okay… anyway I mentioned a few weeks ago I like the Timehop app… and no noone is telling me to mention this app…. That was an interesting paragraph… blame it on the prescription cough medicine I just took!

So I was perusing through my day through the years and at the end they give you a bit of time trivia. This just so happened to be what came up…

First off I should mention I loved this movie.

So I was in early high school when this came out. One day during the summer I was invited over to my friend Taria’s house for the day. If you remember, this is also around the same time that the N64’s came out and she had MarioKart. I had 2 controllers and that game system would hold 4 controllers so I took my 2 over, she had 2 and the tournament was on between her siblings and me.

Her parents had a huge stereo system and it had surround sound so Taria put the Men in Black CD on and away we went. One of the songs is all instrumental and playing MarioKart while hearing that particular song in surround sound made us all extremely competitive. It was hilarious and intense.

So after I heard that song I wanted the sound track. So I think it was for Christmas that year my grandma asked what I wanted and I told her I wanted the Men in Black sound track CD. Simple enough, right?

At the time we had a local Hastings store so my grandma went to Hastings to find the CD I wanted. A guy came up and asked her if he could help her locate something and she told him, yes, I want “All the Black Men CD.” And that my friends is how my family started referring to the movie as “All the Black Men”… lol :).

It’s fun stories like this that I remember so vividly about my grandma. It’s hard to believe that my grandma has been gone since September 11, 2007. I miss her every day and it upsets me so much that she was never able to meet my great family. Hubby, Tbug and Abug missed out on meeting a great lady but even more so a great lady missed out on these incredible people.

So Grandma, I know you can’t read this but know I still love and miss you! I love you!

p.s. read the bottom “fact” on the picture. Hope you laugh :). It’ll lighten the mood!