Just a little more for yesterday's story………

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I had a bunch asking and some of you I emailed back, but to save time, here is a bit more.  Originally I wrote yesterday’s so you weren’t sure if I knew these people or not, but yes they are my grandparents.  I have more so you’ll have to tune in next Thursday to find out!!!

Actually they met back up about 1983ish (I’ve heard 82, I’ve heard 83)  I know that either my cousin or I was a baby when this happened.  It was a freak accident.  Back then they didn’t have to keep families together like now days or keep records like they do now.  My grandpa knew he was from Peoria area and what his name was before he was adopted.  My grandma was reading a magazine and it had recipes sent in by fellow readers and she saw the last name and the town and called my dad and asked what to do.  So basically she called information and got the telephone number and called under a fake name.  Then told my grandpa and let him take it from there.  He called and oddly enough about the same time his sister had stumbled across the same thing.  She was adopted by another family (who also had another adopted son) and wound up in Kansas City, MO.  So they met in Belton (I think that’s what I was told) for the first time either December of 82 or December of 83.

So there’s more than you probably wanted to know, but short story, yes they finally met back up.  Oh and the orphanage had burnt to the ground so the records that they did have were lost.  That’s why they couldn’t meet up earlier.

And I guess the mother had died a couple years before all this took place so my grandpa/grandma never got to meet the mother.  My grandpa was hurt to find out that his mother raised his cousin (who was a few years younger).  Oh and the Mother never told her family where she took the kids or anything b/c the family tried to find and get the kids back


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