Roaring River – Mini Photo shoot

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Saturday we went to Roaring River for PC’s mom’s family reunion. For once going to something like this we didn’t forget our big camera :). So we went on a little mini photo shoot. The one problem with trying to learn to take better photos, you need a model. Sometimes we are our own models so we can figure out what looks good, what doesn’t and everything in between 🙂 I weeded our mini shoot out to some of my favorite shots.

Ok so in the trees between Tbug and me, do you see that spider web? It was cool how the sun was glistening on it and I didn’t even catch that until I got the pictures on my computer. Of course I wasn’t the one taking the photo either, as you can obviously see. Although I do have a camera with a remote so I/we’ve been known to take our own photo on more than one occasion.

For as graceful as we both are, I didn’t want her falling! We were already dealing/fighting with Poison Ivy. She’s apparently as allergic to the stuff as her daddy is!!

PC didn’t allow me to get out of the shot before he started shooting 🙁

Tbug wants this photo printed out and put in her room. She loves it 🙂

I know this isn’t us but I thought it was a cool shot.

The girl has attitude 🙂

Peace, Love & mini photo shoots 🙂

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