Maternity Photo Shoot Outtake Take 2

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I hope you looked at yesterday’s outtakes… If not, go check them out now. I’ll wait!

What did you think?  Yeah I know, we’re talented!

So anyway I told hubby that I wanted photos of just me, some with Tbug, some with just him and some with all of us. Well the day we worked on them the first time, sadly I didn’t get any of him and me. Hello… :).  So I told him we had to try again so this last weekend we took another opportunity. We took around 100 photos. There again were some good ones but some crazy ones too. These were easier to narrow down to the crazy ones though!

I’m not done yet though… well unless Baby Girl decides she’s coming early, then I guess I’ll have to be done, but I played around on pinterest last night and found a whole bunch I’d like to try. So we’ll see what the next few weekends have in store for photos, otherwise enjoy this second set of outtakes!

Why not blow out a photo while I’m in the process of sneezing 🙂 Always a good way to start things off!!

This is a little more our style, don’t you think?

And of course he needed to get the look to tell him to be good 🙂

eh, who needs a head. Actually we were readjusting the camera at this point.

And I have absolutely no words for this.

I sure hope that you’re having as much fun laughing at these photos as I am :). We’re working on a few good ones and yes I have a few of those to share too, but for now I’m having fun laughing at these outtakes.

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