Maternity Photo Shoot Outtakes

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Should I mention now that my family taking anything serious is sometimes far fetched? Well sometimes it is…. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the “funny” outtakes from our Maternity Photo Shoot a couple weeks ago….

We always make my mother so proud when we “pick each others noses” and when we stick our tongues out. What can I say, we accomplished both here!

Somehow when Tbug gets picked on, I’m the one who always gets beat up.

She was trying to put her hands on my belly but poor girl has short arms or something and it looked like she was grabbing my chest. I cracked up laughing.

Now at first glance you may be asking what my problem is… well look at hubby there… He’s licking my face….

There are no words.

If my hair was longer I could soooo be Cousin It from the Addams Family.

Another what in the heck was my problem. Yeah hubby grabbed my butt and he caught my face on film. Dang it because it’s really a good photo minus my face.

Then I went to give Tbug a wedgy and she yanked me to the ground with her. I had to explain she can’t do that to me.

Um… I have no clue what Tbug’s problem is. My problem was I had a hair stuck on my tongue.

Yeah no words!

Again… um… 

And who doesn’t go around acting like they’re licking their arm pits… seriously!

And that my friends, shows why my mom loves when we take pictures. Don’t worry though, we got some good ones too. I’d hope at least out of 159 photos give or take. Happy Monday and hopefully you at least got a good laugh at us!

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