The Girl Has Priorities

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So obviously if you’ve read pretty much any blog post from this week, you’ll know that we went to the AQHA World Show over the weekend.

Plans had been in the works for a little over a month.  Well the previous Sunday Tbug was with us some of the last words out of her mouth were, “Don’t forget my boots.”  about 50 times.  Kinda of not exaggerating either.  In fact, she wanted to put a note/sign on my husbands forehead so that every time I saw him I would be reminded about her boots.

I thought it was hilarious but really with all the pressure was afraid I might forget so I set a reminder up in my phone, hubby had one on his, and my friend Earl even set one up on hers.  One way or another those boots were going to make it to OKC.

So Friday morning I was woke up at 6:15am to a phone call from Tbug telling me not to forget her boots.  Good news, I didn’t forget the boots.  What cracks me up the most though is she wasn’t worried about her clothes or hat or jacket.  Come on, the girl has priorities :).

And every girl needs to experience having their boots shined!

Some other cute things that happened on the way down and while there…..

I Quote: You’re not fully dressed unless your hats on your head.

On our way to JL’s BBQ:

Tbug to Grandma: Know how I could live?
Grandma: How
Tbug: On this toast (grandma’s garlic toast) and JL’s Ribs

As we approached the Big Cabin exit on I-44

Tbug to Grandpa: Grandpa you need to turn here, it’s an emergency.  A rib emergency.

At the actual show:

Tbug: I love the smell of horse in the afternoon
Hubby: Does she realize it’s still morning?

And one last photo.  Thursday night when I went to get her hat out of her closet, look what I found in her closet.  Do you really think a Sonic cup should be in there?  Sad thing is, who knows how long it has really been there, probably at least 2 weeks give or take….

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  1. Ha! I love the “smell of horse in the afternoon”, when it was still morning. Kids are so funny.

    She's a cute kid!

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. I love that she was so worried about that hat 🙂 Too cute.

    Love how excited she was about the ribs too.

    It's also awesome that the WHOLE family went. We rarely do stuff without our entire family being there.

  3. Love the things she said! Too funny. And good thing you did not forget the boots! You would have never lived it down if you did.
    Thanks so much for linking up

  4. First of all, I'm not in Washington (it says I am on the right) I'm in Oregon driving down the interstate… Wait, I'm not driving I'm riding!

    Anyway, love the fact that TBug didn't want to forget her shoes. Hope ou weren't planning on sleeping in!

    Love the colors on her hat and in her shirt. Too funny about the Sonic cup… Glad it didn't spring a leak!

    Stef at

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