Shorty Smalls – Oklahoma City

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One thing I absolutely love about traveling is trying out places we don’t have around home.  Saturday night after we watched the Reining finals at the AQHA World Show, we were all hungry and tired.  Luckily only a couple miles from the fairgrounds are a ton of restaurants to eat at; the one we settled on was Shorty Smalls.

Now truthfully I kept asking about this restaurant because the name sounded vaguely familiar.  I’m still not sure but I think there used to be one in Springfield I ate at back in my teenage years for my cousins birthday.  Anyway that’s not the point of this post, the point of this post is… We ate at Shorty Smalls in OKC.  That’s what matters anyway right?  Feeding our bellies when we’re hungry… LOL :).

One thing I love about going in to restaurants like these are the cute shirts with the cute sayings/logos on them.  And look at their menu.  It looks like a newspaper.  Love it!

They have all types of food from the good old Cheeseburger to Ribs to Italian type pastas and more.

The room they seated us in had a fireplace.  Now on Saturday we didn’t really need that but I still loved the feel.  I’m a fireplace girl after all.  Sunday though, boy I’d sure loved to have been cozied up next to it.  Saturday’s temps were in the 70’s and Sunday’s were in the 40’s with a strong breeze both days.

And on a quick side note, there’s something I absolutely LOVE about going to horse shows like this… I can’t quite put my finger on it… oh wait, yes I can… guys in cowboy hats, especially my husband!

Sorry any chance I get to show him off… lol 🙂

Ok back to what I was originally discussing… oh yes, the food.

So Hubby (since he’s above) went with the Kitchen Sink Burger

That’s right, we load everything but the kitchen sink on one of our half pound burgers! American and Swiss cheeses, bacon, sauteed mushrooms grilled onions, and all the regular burger fixin’s. Extra napkins are optional. 

It was fabulous.  Yes I stole a bite.  It was a good hamburger with all the fix’ns on it.  And sometimes the messier the better, but you’ll learn my husband can eat the messiest of food and still stay clean.

Of course he loves Ketchup and he slathered it before I got a photo.  It’s all good though!
Dad went with the Bacon Cheeseburger.
We add a bunch of crispy bacon to our great cheeseburger
My momma went with the “Famous” Ribs.
Jumpin’ off the bone tender. Served with seasoned fries, slaw, sweet and tangy baked beans and a hot cheese biscuit. Original and Sadie size
Sorry about the blurriness.  It was dark and trying to snap a photo before I bugged my parents too bad, you know taking photos of their food and what not :).

I swear, I could live off Italian food like no body’s business so when I saw they had pasta, I was sold.  I went for the Baked Cheese Ziti.  What’s fabulous was Tbug wound up eating some of it too and loved it.

Baked Cheese Ziti
Pasta tossed in Shorty’s  creamy blush sauce and baked with tons of Mozzarella cheese-Yummy!

It was warm, cheesy, noodley, goodness! The sauce added to it.  The only thing that could have made it better was a little chicken or beef but it was so good that I totally didn’t miss the chicken or beef.  I think Tbug enjoyed it so much that somehow she wound up with sauce in her hair.  She obviously doesn’t get her eating skills from her daddy… lol.

Tbug went with the Kids Cheese Pizza and French Fries.

Now when dad and hubby were reading the menu, they saw the desserts and one struck their fancy:

DEEP FRIED TWINKIES                                What a treat!
Shorty’s picked up this idea at The World’s Fair. Three golden wonders hand dipped into  a special batter, and they come out hot and creamy inside and crispy outside. Served with Uncle Saul’s Arkansas Berry Sauce.

Holy cow, these were phenomenal! The sauce tasted like a combination of strawberries and raspberries.  The Twinky was lost in the batter which tasted a lot like a pancake batter mix.  Oh Holy YUM is all I have to say on that!

I saw a sign with all their locations listed, I noticed Branson is listed twice yet when you go to their website it doesn’t show Missouri?!?! dunno.  I was in OKC at the time so it’s all good ;).

Anyway it was really yummy!  Just had to share 🙂

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