Weekend in a Nut Shell

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So Friday about 4pm, the special weather announcements went on over the radio and said we were in a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  I looked out the window and this is the sight I saw.  Then one of my co-workers and I went out the north door (the storm blew in from the North) of our building and the wind was so strong we almost didn’t get out.  It was NUTS!  We went in before the major part hit, don’t worry, we used common sense :).  Weather.com says we got 1.11 inches of rain.  Get this, I actually had to mow my lawn this weekend!  Woohooo my lawnmower didn’t have to feel abandoned anymore.  Praise the Lord!

When we got home from work we decided to head to my parent’s house since dad said Mini Me hadn’t been doing well that morning.  Luckily, he was chipper when we got there!

My parents took us out to dinner at Olive Garden and then hubby and I came home and played a round of Rummy.  Sad to say, he kicked my butt.  Don’t worry, I got my revenge on Saturday night.

Now in small town America we don’t have a Starbucks, not to worry though, a few weeks ago I learned that McDonalds of all places has a Mocca Frappe that is Pretty Darn Good!  When I posed this on Instagram though, I made Lourie want a Chocolate Shake.  Sorry Lourie!!

Saturday morning I noted that I wasn’t sure what the plans were.  I had the possibility of going to a cattle sale, a horse sale and a wedding.  Well as you can see here, we wound up first off at the Long Horn sale at the MoKan Salebarn in Butler.

Sadly, we weren’t back in time to see Momma Vix get married, however here’s a gorgeous photo I saw of her on facebook.  Momma Vix is like a second mom to my husband.

**note I didn’t take this photo, I stole it off her facebook, but being on my blog I tagged it so it wouldn’t get stolen :)**
You’ll note on my facebook page that I had someone stealing blog posts of mine and claiming them as theirs.  It may have been spam blog but when I saw my photos on another blog, it was quite scary!

After Dad, hubby and I grabbed lunch at Iguana Azul on our way home, we ran down to the sale barn where the horse sale was that night.  There at the sale barn they also have a Tack & Feed Store so dad ran in and bought shavings for the horses stalls and then we went to the tack portion and looked at boots.  I saw these two pair and posted on instagram which ones? 

Well luckily everyone said right because those are the ones I wound up with :).  Some have a weakness for fancy stiletto’s and I like them too, but I have a weakness for boots!  Just sayin!

After we looked at all the horses for sale we went home, cleaned stalls and fed our current horses.  And shhhhh don’t tell Tbug but I rode Aloha without her.

Then we decided if nothing else we’d head to the colt sale for Saturday night entertainment.    What’s really awesome is the owner of all the colts that sold, donates one sale of one colt every year to a local school district.  Since his daughter is a senior this year he allowed her to choose the horse and then decided if she wanted it to go toward Graduation or the FFA chapter.  She chose the FFA chapter so they got $600 donated to them.

Sunday was a day to recoup, or so I thought… Dad had a shock break on his truck so hubby took the tractor to my parents house, then dad and hubby went to town to get a shock and replace it for dad.  After they were finished we ran into town and while there went to the farm store and I saw these cute little girls boots!  Makes me want to be a kid again.  LOL.  or maybe not but still, very cute!

Then we came home, watched the Lorax, went to Sunday Night Dinner, went home and crashed.  I swear we should get Monday’s off just to recoup from our weekends!

Oh and get this… my photo was featured here:

Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

So, how was your weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend in a Nut Shell

  1. I agree, Mondays off to recover would be lovely… I had an equally busy weekend! Love the boots you picked, I would have said “right” too! 🙂

  2. Awe I made your instagram feed 😉 And yes right was the best. The bride looks so happy and like she is saying “yes!!” love it!
    Glad you got some rain. It rained enough here the other day just to make everything dirty, I would love a good storm.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! When I saw the pics of the boots I immediately thought right pair, so I'm glad that's the pair you picked! Cracks me up cattle sale, horse sale or wedding 🙂 LOL!

  4. Sounds like fun, eventful weekend!! I'm hoping we can go to our local horse sale this weekend. 🙂
    New boots are so fun! Love the little girl boots too!!

  5. I've been looking for new boots! I'm glad you picked the ones on the right. The left are fun, but the right are pretty and will match with more.

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