Splish! Splash!

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One of these days I’ll probably quit bombarding you with so many photos.

But today isn’t that day.  Sorry!!

Speaking of photos, have I ever told you I like photos?  Oh I have?  Or did you guess because I share so many.  Dang, back to that point in the road, one of these days I’ll quit bombarding you with so many photos, but again, today isn’t that day.

Wow, do you hear a broken record in here?  I think I might.  Ok moving on…..

Sunday morning we got up and headed over to my parents house so that Tbug could ride Aloha.  Little did we know that she’d wind up riding Squirty too, but that’s another story for another day.  We got up early and headed over to beat the heat.  It was warm Sunday but I never heard the final temperature for the day and I really think I’m to lazy to look it up.  That was then and it’s in the past.

After we were finished riding horses we hosed them down.  I’ll bet they felt good!  I could have used a good hosing down too, but instead I went home and eventually jumped in the pool.

When we started out riding I was sitting on the fence, Dad was on Squirty, Tbug was on Aloha and PC was on KG but when we ended for the day I was on KG, dad was on Aloha and Tbug was on Squirty.  Yes we played musical horses, just without the music.

But because I wound up on the back of KG, I got to unsaddle him.

Aloha was the first to get the nice refreshing rinse off.

Dad asked Tbug to go get the “Sweat Scraper” so we could “squeegy” them off.

Then he proceeded to tell Tbug how to do it and why we do it.  In case you don’t know, the sweat scraper can scrape off sweat or water and it just helps cool them off and dry them off faster.  I’ve seen 2 different types although there could be more… one is basically a wooden stick like what is in my dad’s hand that has a slight curve to it.  The other is a plastic handle with a half moon looking shape at the top made out of rubber.  I don’t have one or I’d show you a picture.  Sorry.  Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned the latter….

Tbug watched dad a few times.

And then set out to squeegy Aloha herself.

Aloha didn’t mind, she got to eat grass and cool off.  She was content.  The grass in front of the barn is always green because that’s where we rinse the horses off at.

Then PC took Aloha out to one of the pastures.  This was a different one than they all usually go to, so when he turned them all lose, they were a little “lost”.

Next up was KG.



Repeat.  Except with Squirty this time.

Every now and again they shake like dogs.  And yes, you will get wet if you are standing in the proximity.

We also generally put Cowboy Magic or some other conditioner into their mane (up on their neck) and tail (it comes off there rear :)) just to condition the hair and keep it from breaking.  A lot like we do our own hair.

And of course, the minute you sit down anywhere, you’ll get greeted by the pups.  Luckily I was sitting in the grass a ways from the barn and they must not have paid any attention to me, that or dad was feeding them treats so they were sticking close.

Ok, now after looking at all these photos, I really want to play in the water!  Um… Boss do ya think I could leave work early this afternoon?  Maybe even just go ahead and take a day of vacation?  No, ok fine I’ll get up, get dressed and come to work.

Happy Friday!

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