Riding Horses with the Youngun

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Sorry but you should know with me by now… I’m going into picture overload Mode.  I got picked on this weekend when I couldn’t find a photo folder on my laptop, but then they were like, nope I’m not making fun of you because you take photos of my kids too 🙂

So now you are going to get a lesson on saddling, riding and unsaddling a horse provided by the youngun.

1.  Get the halter.  Make sure you grab a halter and lead rope.

2.  Walk to Aloha’s stall so you can get her out.

3.  Put the halter on the horse.

4.  Lead the horse out of the barn to the trailer.

5.  Watch out for the crazy camera person who ran around you so she could get a different view 🙂

6.  Tie Aloha up to the trailer.

7.  Brush her off.  Make sure you get all the dirt off of her so she has a comfortable ride too.

8.  Don’t forget the other side and under her mane

9.  And don’t forget the legs, however never stand directly behind a horse, always stand off to the side.

10.  Place the blanket on her clean back.

11.  Grab the saddle from the trailer and look real cute at the camera person for help.

12.  Place the saddle on from the left side.  Tighten the saddle down on her so it doesn’t fall off.

13.  Get the bridle from the trailer so you can put it on her.

14.  Grab on to the reins and head to the round pen.

15.  Still walking to the round pen.

16.  Smile pretty so the dang camera person will get out of your way so you can go through the gate.

17.  Said camera person helps you on to the horse.  Now you are ready to go.

18.  Now it’s time to get to business.

19.  After about 1 1/2 hours decide you are finished riding and you head back to the trailer.

20.  Take the bridle off first and put her halter back on.

21.  Un-do the girth so you can take the saddle off.

22.  Laugh at Camera person who is trying to take a picture and pull the saddle off one handed while you hold the blanket so it doesn’t fall on the ground.

23.  Place both back in the trailer.

24.  Use the “scratchy” brush to brush her down after a good work-out.

25.  You can tell she likes it!

26.   Give her a treat for working so good.  Make sure when you give her a treat you keep your hand flat so she doesn’t accidentally grab your fingers.

27.  Untie her from the trailer.

28.  Take her back to the round pen to be turned out for the day.

29.  Take her halter off once you are in the round pen.

30.  Close the gate and then hook the halter back to itself.

31.  And return it back to the barn where you found it.

 32.  And you are finished for the day.

**Note: My parents never figured when they bought this horse that Aloha would turn out to be the kid baby-sitter that she is.  She takes such extreme good care of Tbug it isn’t even funny.**

0 thoughts on “Riding Horses with the Youngun

  1. This makes me want to go horseback riding! I've only done it once, years ago, and it wasn't the best experience, but his makes me want to try again!!

  2. too cute!
    I used to have to walk the mare around after putting the saddle on so she would let out her breathe and I could tighten up the saddle up. Nothing worse to be riding along and gradually fall over to the ground!

  3. Tbug's so cute. I will say, I went to a Girl Scout camp one summer that specializes in a riding program – but it was all English style & helmets. Boo – no fun. I do remember everyone had to properly take care of the horses though. I remember hating the camping but loving the horses. 🙂

  4. Man! I am so totally jealous of TBug right now. And I am doubly impressed with how well she takes care of things.

  5. I used to LOVE riding horses, but it has been SO long. I probably wouldn't even remember how to climb up! Haha!

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