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I ran across this Blogger meet -n- Greet and hope it isn’t to late to enter.  If it isn’t, maybe you’d be interested too and if so check out Michelle at A Little Bit of This & That

So let’s get started.  If you are new here,  you probably want to know a little about me and this little piece of the blog-o-sphere…  Well Hello, my name is Nicole.

I originally started this blog out as That’s Life but on a whim changed it to a phrase my husband says all the time: Life’s A Beach (wish I was on one).  I grew up on a farm in Southwest Missouri, but don’t let that fool you, I’m sometimes a walking contradiction.  I love country life (Agriculture, farm animals, hauling hay, etc) but I would really love to live in Chicago or New York City for 1-2 years.  I know it would be a culture shock to me and I’d stick out like a sore thumb, but I’ve been to both cities and absolutely LOVE them!  I started blogging on a whim one day in October of 2009 and have been hooked ever since.  And I absolutely love meeting new friends and seeing what the country and the world has to offer each and every one of us 🙂  Please stay a spell and hope you’ll come back!

My 5 posts I’ve written that I really like (although there are a bunch):

  1. Timing is Everything (You truly don’t know when things will happen or why they do when they do)
  2. Angel in Disguise (however I didn’t write this, the Mister did :))
  3. And She Said Yes (The story of our engagement)
  4. One Year Ago… (And last summer I wrote out our entire story)
  5. 101 in 1001 (and then i jumped on the band wagon and made a list)

5 very Well received Blog Posts

  1. Why (Contradictions, Life is short but don’t rush things…. Ok now I’m confused)
  2. Well Isn’t This a Surprise (Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick Chick)
  3. Do You Smell That (What can I say, horses are cute!)
  4. A Missouri Style Blizzard (I’d say we got some snow… LOL)
  5. He is… (He is my husband)

Who Am I?

  1. I hit 100 (100 random things about yours truly, no I’m not self absorbed, it was hard!)
  2. Me at His Age (some of the photos of things I’ve done with my life)
  3. 99 Things (No I didn’t do things about myself again, it was a list and I claimed what I had done)
  4. Reason Number 744 (I swear we shouldn’t need to dress up for work 🙂
  5. A bit o’ Me (I answered questions :))

 Now Google Analytics say my top 5 posts are:

  1. Help Find Will Norton (I live near Joplin, MO and the horrid tornado that went through)
  2. Joplin MO Tornado – May 22, 2011 (yup my top 4 are all about the Tornado)
  3. Tornado Warning
  4. Tornado Path – May 22, 2011
  5. Our Church, Our Decorations (It’s about my wedding… not the tornado :))

So I hope you learned some great things about me and I would love to learn more about you.  Please by all means let me know you stopped by!  Have a fabulous Day! 

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    1. Thank you so much for linking up! I hope that you enjoy the meet & greet and get to meet lots of lovely ladies! xoxo

    2. I love love love NYC – I'm right there with you on wanting to live there for a little while 😀 Love the name of your blog as well – too cute!

    3. I'm SO loving that you did this! It's such a great idea and a perfect way to learn more about everyone!!

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