10 Things to Smile About July

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1. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I feel like I’ve taken the best 4th of July photos so far to date.

2. A good night with friends watching baseball, playing with cameras, and eating tacos.

3. We had a girl’s day.

4. We’ve spent a lot of fun days at the lake! (one, two)

5. We’ve been helping every Wednesday night at 5-Mile and our last one for the summer was this week.

6. I may or may not have had Pesto all over my bed and laughed my butt off.

7. We learned that baby girl is a 6th generation farmer. She also went for her first tractor ride.

8. After how many years, I finally got more of our story written out.

9. I am a huge Dancing with the Stars fan. I love watching it. When I found out the Perfect 10 Tour was headed our direction, I got tickets from my parents for my birthday! 🙂

10. Abug turned 13 months old this month. While I’m still floored she’s over a year old… I’m so happy to watch her little personality develop.

Bonus. While I’m sitting here listening to my baby scream her head off and tell me how bad of a mommy I am (I guess) I’ll continue on because I just can’t help myself. After hours of screaming at me, I need to smile.

We attended the farm show and baby got to “drive” lots of farm machinery.

I got a good reminder of my grandma this month. I loved it!

My girls got to spend time together doing nothing except splashing in the water on a hot day.

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