365 – July – Photos 304-334

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304/365 – My fins that we ordered in like January or February finally came in. Now I don’t have to use Tori’s :). haha. Okay so once I get over this dang cold thing, Dano, when we going diving?

305/365 – Check this beauty out. I love this time of year!

306/365 – Foul ball… CL and Abug neither one wanted anything to do with it. Finally Abug claimed it.

307/365 – God Blessed America. Happy Fourth of July!

308/365 – Markie sent me a recipe today via facebook so we got the ingredients and made it for lunch with my parents. All I can say is Hello YUM!

309/365 – Abug and I had lunch with my parents today. Yum!

310/365 – Someone was tired today. She took a 3 hour nap. I guess getting your 1 year old shots takes it out of you. This was a good dreary day for sleeping though! My precious little one!

311/365 – Hmmm… I think it rained (look at the water standing in the Kayak!)

312/365 – People complain about the rain, but it could be worse, it could be 100+ and in a drought… Glass half full? Our hayfield looks nice but we do need a couple dry days to get it done…

313/365 – I walked outside to go to my car and this little guy was sitting there eating. He was taking his life into his own hands (paws?) because there were 3 dogs on the deck.

314/365 – Good day to be at the lake!

315/365 – Farm Life, I asked you to play nicer… not to catch the field on fire and cause the baler to mess up and not to jack with the tractor and and and…. I still love you but come on!

316/365 – Binkie✔️. Horse ✔️. Monkey ✔️. Kisses from the mommy and daddy ✔️. Okay we can sleep.

317/365 – After 4 weeks of feeling crappy I went to urgent care to find out I had Bronchitis, an ear infection and a sinus infection. Hey if you’re going to go, might as well go all out. 4 prescriptions later and an ear irrigation I still can’t hear but i’m on the road to feeling better… hopefully…

318/365 – Like Father, Like Daughter. Both checking gear getting ready for 5 Mile try scuba night.

319/365 – Enjoying a Thursday evening in the hayfield.

320/365 – The same name girls at the fair. Think this pic needs to be an every year occurrence! This makes year 2!!

321/365 – Had a GREAT day at the lake with friends and even got to ride on a boat! Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday!

322/365 – Four States Farm Show! Yesterday “driving” a boat, today it’s a combine… Tomorrow…. the world! ha!

323/365 – Lovely evening walk to go check on the cows.

324/365 – Beautiful sunset as clouds were passing through

325/365 – Looking up from the bottom of the swimming pool at a glass roof. Freaky huh?

326/365 – These moments! 

327/365 – Good Friends, Good Food, Good fun! And Abug got to be the princess with all the men

328/365 – His and Hers

329/365 – Dancing with the Stars Live!!

330/365 – She has her own, but it’s more fun to wear daddy’s hearing protection

331/365 – Don’t you keep your foot in a cup holder?

332/365 – Last night of camp. You know, diving in a no diving pool. We get by with it because we’re scuba diving

333/365 – A selfie of the birthday girls. Yup I was born on my grandma’s 51st birthday. Now shoot, no one got me that selfie stick… lol

334/365 – Is it a full moon? Things are weird around my crew tonight….. although we asked tonight… what’s normal?

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