32 Years Young

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I’m sorry, but how did I turn 32?

I was actually reading a blog post last week or maybe even the week before by Jillian and she made the comment that 32 was stupid. We’re 2 days from being the exact same age so I’m not going to lie… I think I feel the same way. Most days I wake up thinking I’m about 20 but my body feels like I’m 50ish. I’m totally cool though that I’m still having birthday’s because that means I’m on the right side of the ground.

Anyway last Thursday was my 32nd birthday!

Normally Tbug is at Cheer on Thursday nights but because it was my birthday her mom let her skip cheer to celebrate with me (and my grandma. We have the same birthday!!). So we actually picked Tbug up Wednesday evening to go to camp and then she stayed with us through Sunday. That gave us the opportunity to go meet hubby for lunch on Thursday.

As we were driving to meet him for lunch we got caught up in road construction so while we were waiting for the Pace car to come get us, we sooooo needed to take a selfie.

Just to prove I was being healthy on my birthday. Salad (with ranch dressing… yup!).

And these rolls. That butter. OMG! The stuff on the left, not the stuff that is the white tub with a topper. That was just regular butter. But the butter in the black tub… YUM! It was butter and cinnamon and honey and OH So good!

After lunch we went ahead and went home to wait for daddy to get off work. While we were at home we decided to try and give Abug a nap. Yeah right. OMG. She refused to sleep. I’m talking REFUSED! We tried for an hour and a half to get her to take a nap. So needless to say baby squirrel girl got about 20 minute nap for the entire day and was a grumpy butt. ugh! But that’s okay, I still love her!!!

Then we had plans to meet my parents, my grandma, my uncle and his girlfriend (dating partner, significant other,  I don’t know what to call her… haha… I once had a high school teacher tell me she was too old for a boyfriend so I always referred to her guy as her dating partner…) and my aunt from out of town for dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse.

I signed up once upon a time for their rewards program and they sent me an email for free dessert. Hello yum! This was friggin fantastic. Now they gave my grandma a sundae. I don’t know if they thought I was joking that it was my birthday too or what. Won’t be the first time my birthday has been forgotten, blown over… long story… anyway I’m not bitter. I did however get this free dessert so it was all good.

The last time Abug saw AJ she was happy as a lark but this time Abug didn’t have her nap and boy was she cranky.

Pretty much if it wasn’t daddy, Tbug or me holding her, she wasn’t interested.

I always try to take a picture with grandma because… uh, it’s our birthday! My grandma spent her 51st birthday in the hospital waiting for me to be born. It was raining that day, that’s the reason my parents decided to have me that day.

When Tbug saw our selfie, she wanted in on it!

And the family photo on my birthday!

Besides my tickets to Dancing with the Stars, I got a new pair of Keens since I kind of wore my other pair out. I’ve had them for quite a few years though… I think I got them in 2009 and they were one of my aunts shoes before they were mine. I had bought a pair and they were a bit small for me so when Tbug’s feet got big enough, I gave mine to Tbug since I got the other pair from my aunt. Did you follow all that. ha!

So… want to know my birthday story… of sorts? My mom’s due date was July 17 (or 18… I forget). That day came and went so my Grandpa S’s birthday was the 21st. They thought, well maybe I was holding out for his birthday. Nope, his birthday came and went too. So the 30th, the doctor came in to the office to check on patients. They had been on vacation the week before and were going to be the week after.

They checked my mom and said that they could induce, otherwise she could hold out and see if I’d come on my own but mom would have to use the on call doc since her doc was on vacation the next week as well.

Mom looked at dad and said, well since it’s raining and we can’t go to the hayfield, why don’t we go have this kid instead. ha! Shows I was raised on a farm :).

So they called the family to tell them and then went to the hospital. I guess my Grandma S didn’t really drive or go anywhere without my Grandpa S at the time. When they got the call, Grandpa decided to run to town to get a tire changed or aired up or something. Grandma decided she wasn’t missing the birth of her grandchild so she went to the hospital. When she showed up my mom looked at her like she was crazy and asked where Grandpa was. ha!

Anyway they went ahead and induced my mom and it put my heart under stress. The doctor said plans were changing and they were going in to get me before they lost me so a C-section it turned out to be.

My dad said I came out purple. I always joked that’s why it’s my favorite color.

Then I guess as the doctor was sewing my mom back up my dad said, Well doc, that’s the best sewing job I’ve ever seen. My mom responded with, don’t listen to him, he’s only ever seen a Vet do it to a cow. ha! I told you I was raised on a farm :).

And now here I am 32 years later, blogging about a birth that I was there for but have no recollection of other than stories I’ve been told :).

Bring on 32.

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