Random Smathering of Crap… aka… Brain dump ha!

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I swear, there are days when I can’t get my brain to shut down. I’m not sure what was up this morning but I woke up with all these random thoughts and decided I needed to try and get them out of my head so here I am, writing them down. That means you get a random Tuesday post courtesy of yours truly :).

  • So in the last week I’ve made 2 really dumb comments. I really wanted to question myself how I got out of bed that morning without hurting myself but whatever….
    • Comment one… I went to the lake over the weekend and got pink on my shoulders, AGAIN! I was like geez wouldn’t you think eventually this would quit happening. Well yes, it might but really… I guess that Greek blood didn’t come through on me because I’m fairly fair complected :(.
    • Comment two… This was a real doozy… Benjamin Franklin was a president. Yes, yes I said that even though I knew it wasn’t true. I did however find out he was the president of Pennsylvania which is basically like a governor. But whatever, it slipped out of my mouth and I felt like an idiot the minute I said it. Oy!
      • Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have shared those…. I swear I have a brain!
  • For some reason I have the song “Kiss from a Rose” stuck in my head. I have no idea why. I don’t really listen to that song but there is a part of that song that is playing over and over and over and over in my head and it’s about to drive me nuts. I was hoping that putting that out in writing would MAKE. IT. GO. AWAY. NOW!!!!!  :).
  • So here’s a good random one… Few weeks ago a guy I went to school from 2nd grade on had a post on his facebook page that said tell me your earliest memory of me. Mine actually went back to 2nd grade. He sat behind me in class and one day I was being ornery and kept taking his pencil away from him. Don’t remember why or what was provoking me to do that but I did. I had like 10 of his pencils lined up in a row on my desk. Every time I took his away, he’d get another one out.
  • Speaking of 2nd grade, Mrs. McCune called me up to her desk one day. She told me that she knew that I was the instagator for all the kids around me talking but she couldn’t catch me in the act. I spoke to quietly and I was too quick for her to catch me, so I needed to quit getting everyone around me in trouble. ha!
    • I’ve always said you need to watch out for the quiet ones…..
    • And I don’t remember anything… Although this proves that hubby might be right. ugh!

  • A few weeks ago I bruised a rib on my right side. I have no idea how although a friend suspects that when I was coughing so hard a few weeks before it might have happened from that. I can tell you at times it hurts to breathe, cough, don’t even try sneezing. OUCH!
  • And on that note, I’ve been sick a lot this summer. Definitely more so than I usually EVER am. Maybe I’m making up for lost time.
  • Last week the radio said that we were supposed to have a chance of rain today. That would be good for our hayfield to start growing again, although it already has started coming back.
    • I woke up this morning aching which is a sign the weather is changing.
      • I love you Arthur. ha! My grandpa had Arthritis horribly and they say it is hereditary. Yey! Oh well wouldn’t change my grandpa for the world!
    • Weather channel app said 20% chance. Seriously?!?!
    • But we’re supposed to have a 60% chance tomorrow.
      • Don’t like it, stick around 30 minutes, it’ll change. Missouri weather is notorious for that!
  • I told you my head was full of useless information this morning!
  • Today is voting day. I know how I’m voting. And yes, I will go vote!
  • When I turned 18 my dad asked if I was going to register to vote. Truthfully I didn’t know where to go so I drug my feet. Then one year, in fact it was the year of the presidential election when Bush was voted in a 2nd term, that summer I was at the state fair and they were helping people get registered so I registered. My dad then told me my great grandmother would have been proud of me because she was totally for women having a say in things.
  • Wow I didn’t realize it was as early as what it is… I just started sending Tbug screen shots of things and she responded at 7am. Kid… it’s summer shouldn’t you be sleeping in. ha!
  • I seriously thought I needed my head examined yesterday. I hate snow. And I was sitting here thinking how pretty it is and the nice cool temperatures and Christmas… Seriously, am I sick or what!
    • It might have stemmed from the fact yesterday morning I woke up thinking about the movies The Holiday and Love Actually.
      • Random fact number like 2343w09u8990… sure we should have those letters in with that number, why not….. I watched Love Actually in theaters 3 times when it came out. Different people wanted to watch it and I went.
      • Typically I don’t watch movies that much in theaters.

And if you made it this far in this post, you must be really bored. So sorry but I really was doing a brain dump to try and shut my brain thoughts down. At least quiet them down a bit! OY! And because every post needs a picture… how about a picture of me riding my horse Shorty back in 1998 because… why not!

p.s. Now I’m singing Blake Shelton’s It’d sure be cool if you did song… title?

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