Bass Pro, Hemingway’s, & Starbucks

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Is it sad that after I wrote yesterday’s random blog post I came up with more things to add and different directions I could have gone even.

So this is my last summer of freedom which makes me extremely sad. I’ll be on the job hunt next summer… And we’ve been soooooo busy this summer that we haven’t really gotten to enjoy it. Sunday morning when we woke up I looked at hubby and said, Boy I wish Kansas City wasn’t so far away. He asked me why and I told him because we haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market yet. I thoroughly enjoy that farmer’s market!

He told me if I’d drive one way he’d drive the other but I told him I didn’t want to risk it because Tbug had to go home at 5pm. We decided we’d take our chances another weekend when we didn’t have to have Tbug home so soon.

We did decide to go to Springfield. No real reason other than well… because Friday Tbug, Abug and I went to Bass Pro and hubby didn’t get to. He doesn’t realize all we did was run in, look at the Keens, and leave. But we went to Bass Pro none-the-less.

Abug is getting good at driving those Pontoon boats!  Some day when I’m Rich and Famous we’ll own a boat.

And this… this just cracked me up. I had to share for no other reason than read the tag line 🙂

There is a restaurant in Bass Pro that we’d never tried but always heard good things about so we decided since it was lunch time, we ought to go check Hemingway’s out. Now it’s predominantly seafood type foods but I knew I’d find something… I’m never usually too worried.

For starters hubby chose Alligator Tail. Okay that green sauce was friggin awesome! And the Alligator, not bad. Abug, Tbug and Hubby loved it and I ate my fair share. Tbug started talking about the live gators they have in Bass Pro and wondered if this is what they did with the old gators. I think I bit my tongue at that comment. Not that I don’t know where my food comes from or anything… just that particular thought was weird.

Tbug went for Fried Catfish. The Catfish came in either fried or blackened. She didn’t specify and decided she’d see what they brought her. Because she’s 12 I was fairly certain they’d bring her fried… but I’ll bet she’d have liked the blackened.

I went for the Buffalo Burger. It had Gouda cheese on top. And let’s say it was Gouda! ha! No it really was excellent. I was able to pick a side so I went for the Gouda Mashed Potatoes. I could have made a meal out of just the mashed potatoes. They were excellent!

Hubby went for the Trout. I’m sorry but I have to draw the line there. I wasn’t crazy about it… good thing I didn’t order it! ha! No he really enjoyed it and so did Tbug.

The food was definitely excellent, now the question is, why haven’t we tried here sooner!

After we left Bass Pro we decided to run to Babies R Us and pick up a few things for Abug and then back to Starbucks. Starbucks is so awesome but really a treat for us. Luckily there isn’t one in our town, that’s all I have to say! ha! We all got a mocha Frappaccino. Yum! Just yum!

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