The Pumpkin Patch Excursion

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I must admit that Halloween never really has been exciting for me, and maybe that’s because I grew up in the country so we didn’t really trick-or-treat, just family and that was it. But this year I had it in my head I wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch and I didn’t quit until we did… lol. My Mother-in-Law, Mom & Dad, Hubby, Tbug, Baby Girl, and I went.

I don’t think this was Tbug’s first time, but whatever, it was her first time to go to one with us 🙂

I think someone was having fun!!!

And we all had to take our turns going down the slide because, why not!

If hubby hadn’t been standing at the end of the slide I would have fallen face-first into the ground. I came to an abrupt stop at the bottom, that blue mat grabbed my feet and I went flying forward. He caught us though, thank goodness!

Ah, daddy with his girls.

I still think someone is enjoying herself!

That is until daddy thought it would be fun to put her in the corn pit. She didn’t seem to care for that. There was one little kid in that pit who was filling his shirt up with corn kernels. It was interesting for sure.

My dad (grandpa) got stroller duty at one point… He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?

That’s better 🙂

Does she look scared of the scarecrow?

These two have a special bond. It’s fun to watch them.

My mom was less than thrilled to take this picture and refused but we still got it in…

Same with this one, but I think I took this photo, my mom just rolled her eyes.

We decided to ride the hayride, but we couldn’t all get on the current one so we waited for the next one.

It was interesting… we killed the tractor. The driver thought it was out of gas but he had the engine in the wrong gear to get up the hill.

Somebody was tired! She’d had a very busy day! We went to the Maple Leaf parade that morning, then up around the square, then to the pumpkin patch. By 5:30 she was tired… she didn’t care. She woke up long enough to eat at 5:30 and was back out until 9 when I made her wake up while Tbug carved her pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Patch was fun but not really what I expected. There are others around the area that I may need to try out next year… beware 🙂

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