Pumpkin Carving #1

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Holy cow, this weekend was one heck of a weekend. We haven’t had a busy weekend that was this much fun in a long time. So… I’m not doing this post in any kind of order because this was Saturday night after we had done sooooo many things Saturday alone. But it’s the best thing about my bloggy here because it records life 🙂

Saturday night Tbug carved her pumpkin! Now it is a tradition obviously to carve pumpkins around this part of the year… but we also wanted her to carve a pumpkin because Sunday she was going to carve a pumpkin underwater.


Peanut decided that she’d had way to much fun through the day so she had to nap. In fact, she started napping around 5 and I woke her up at 9.

Hubby came in and helped her dig out the insides of the pumpkin.

And she was enjoying squeezing the insides through her hands. Her comment, “Most people don’t like this but look at me… I love it.”

And then she wound up with it on her shirt.

Once the pumpkin was ready to go, she was trying to decide what to draw on it for carving. She was like, it’s heart-healthy. We started guessing, especially since I saw the Che, I figured it was Cheer or Cheerleading…

Nope, it was Cheerios.

Finally, they (hubby and Tbug) agreed on a face so she went to carving.

Finally around 9, Peanut decided to join the party.

And then we were done.

Lights out, parties over!

More from this weekend to come!

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