365 – October – Photos 31-61 – Take 2

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First off, I want to wish my loving husband a very happy Birthday. Funny story, my car is broke, not really but kind of. It’s at the shop. I left one of his birthday presents in my trunk. Woops. Guess he’ll have something to look forward to :). 

Now on with the Project 365 Take 2.

31/365 – Priscilla, I’m coming for you
Signed, The Pie

32/365- Dad thinks he’s sooooo funny….

33/365 – Everyone needs a little Aggravation in their life!

34/365 – Someone has talent and it’s definitely NOT me! How awesome is this artistic work?!?! Farmfest at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.

35/365 – Yes, because a blow torch, 60 candles, Lee and Dan doesn’t seem like a bad idea… Although I would like to report it was all good plus we pulled off a surprise 60th Birthday for Grady.

36/365- I think studying is all I do these days….

37/365 – it’s a shoe basket… Not a shoe basket… Horse shoes not people… Don’t ask, inside joke!

38/365 – Daddy’s helper. She absolutely loved riding in the tractor. I think we have a farm girl on our hands! Score!! I’m totally okay with that!

39/365 – I made the baby calf mad because my finger didn’t have milk or food #MFBFarmTour #MOWB

40/365 – a Philly Burger with a side of Mozzarella Sticks… because I mean why not

41/365 – KC Chiefs vs Chicago Bears. Score 18/17 Bears Thought it might be a win but no…. oh well it was a fun game anyway…

42/365 – They have a puppy food induced coma

43/365 – Welcome to study group… because I took this picture and one other… and the other was blurry.

44/365 – Beautiful sunset on a beautiful crop of soybeans!

45/365 – Chicken Fried Steak, purple Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn and rolls (not pictured). Bon Appétit. And I didn’t have to cook it… Score 😁. Oh and if you’re jealous that it looks good, it was! 😜

46/365 – Someone wanted a tractor ride, it’s your turn to decide who 😁

47/365 – Sometimes there’s a beauty in black and white photos…

48/365 – Scuba Diving… Underwater Pumpkin Carving… sure why not. Bring it. By the way, the water was a balmy 68 degrees 😜

49/365 – Comps are in 10 days. That means two more Tuesday’s, two more Wednesday’s, Two more Thursday’s (if you count that day), One more Friday, One more Saturday, One more Sunday, One more Monday. ACK!!!

50-365 – Au natural…. Aka crazy hair!

51/365 – One of the auction items that the Welding Brothers (I think that’s what they’re calling themselves) made. How awesome is this?

52/365 – While others were hard at work, I was busy studying. I’m not quite sure who had the better end of that stick?

53/365 – If you can’t find Sisco just find a vehicle… and since the door was left open most of the afternoon… she might have caused the truck to need a jump start. Good thing she’s so cute!

54/365 – It’s Chili Cookoff day… do da, do da. It is Chili Cookoff day, oh the do da day. Oh and guess what…. I won 3rd place! Sweetness! and my mom won People’s Choice!

55/365 – 2 thoughts here
1) Nice Pumpkins
2) the line from Dirty Dancing, I Carried A Watermelon except these are pumpkins 😁

56/365 – We went out for a short walk this evening and look where we wound up. I love this farm girl!

57/365- oh where is my car? Oh where is my car? Oh where oh where oh where oh where…. Is my car?

58/365 – Look what she found and INSISTED on wearing.

59/365 – Someone got their braces on…..

60/365 – A Book that is more my speed

61/365 – Happy Halloween! Hubby’s, Mine, Abug’s and Tbug’s pumpkins.

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