Pumpkin Patches: Annabelle’s Fun Farm

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I’ve always said that my falls just go by in the blink of an eye. I guess there is so much going on, but add three holidays in there and wow! Last year I really wanted to take Abug to a pumpkin patch and wanted Tbug to be there. This year same thing, but knowing how my October was the rest of the month, and the fact that we’re over halfway through the month already, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. In fact, it was a quick last minute decision to go to the pumpkin patch this last weekend.

This year we decided to drive to Welch, Oklahoma and go to Annabelle’s Fun Farm. A friend of mine went last year, she has a little girl who is 7 months older than Abug and then a little boy who is a couple years older and it looked like they had fun there last year so that’s kind of one of the decisions in this choice.

There was a petting farm area with a pony (which Abug hated… she loves horses but wasn’t crazy about the pony), goats (didn’t care for), pigs (didn’t like), rabbits (scared of) and birds (chickens, peacocks, etc).

Don’t worry, she’s not a floating head…. I was holding her (I played with photoshop and removed me from the picture. lol)

Saw the Minion haybale.

Family photo minus Tbug. I wish it would have worked out, it just couldn’t… This has been a crazy month!

A little kiddy ride on a train. She LOVED it!

And even a wagon ride pulled by a tractor through the pumpkin patch. The kid loves her farm equipment.

So when I set her in the pumpkins, she started crying. She was getting tired and hungry. So I wish you could have seen the crazy person behind the camera dancing… oh wait, that crazy person she’s laughing at was me. Yup, I was doing that. Hubby had the camera.

Kisses for the mommy. I love kisses!

Then she went to grandpa and started walking him all over the farm ground. Then she took both of us back to look at the peacocks.

As we were exiting she got to drive the tractor. The kid loves to drive anything and everything!

And that was our time at Annabelle’s Fun Farm. Hopefully next year Tbug can go too! Although maybe she’ll be to old and cool to hang out with us 😉

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