Crying doesn’t help

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I know I’ve mentioned before that I have the timehop app. Well a couple weeks ago a post that I posted like 4 years ago on facebook came across my screen. It was something to do with Some days the bear eats you and some days the bear shits on you. I giggled because I thought, wow I must have been having a bad day. Then yesterday hit and I felt that way all over again.

I’m a firm believer in not airing your dirty laundry on social media and so no I’m not going into details… I just needed to type because sometimes it does get it out of your system and make you feel better.

Now I know I’m being vague and sometimes I get annoyed, especially on facebook, when people say pray for me or them or us or we or whatever, you know what I’m saying and that’s all the details they give you. I just want to go, well am I praying that you get a new job, money, a car, your fingernails to grown an inch, what exactly am I praying for here people. At least give some details, right? And truthfully I could do that same thing with this, the thing is I don’t know what I want someone to pray for for me about anyway so I guess there’s that conundrum.

Let’s just put it this way, Baby girl is okay, Tbug is okay, hubby is okay, I am okay, my family is okay, it’s just something that happens and frustrates you and you want to go WHAT? but then life moves on.

My dad quoted my neighbor last night and said, “Deification occureth.” Didn’t make me feel any better but he’s right. I do have to wonder if I’m being punished for something. And there I go again making you think huh? But just know that “Deification occureth” and smile. Maybe your smile will rub off on me :).

Oh and I found one of the problems with me… I cry. I get happy I cry, sad I cry, mad I cry, irritated I cry. Yup… but I’ve never thought of myself as a crier… although I should really have that checked out.


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