Father’s Day 2016

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This year for Father’s Day weekend we didn’t have Tbug. In fact, I’m not sure we do most years. We made plans to get her Saturday evening but then it turned out I picked her up Friday noon so she got to spend an extra weekend with us.

I always wanted to be that mom/wife who had her stuff together and got everything wrapped perfectly and had the house decorated for every season/holiday… but I fail there. So this was the fancy wrapping job hubby got.

So earlier this year he decided to get a pair of these slip on shoes but I made some smart alec comment about being old man shoes or something and he refused to get them. So the girls got him a pair for Father’s Day. We also got him new UnderArmor Socks that he loves and a water bottle for the field.

We met my parents at Longhorn for lunch. Then we met back up at my parents house that afternoon. While hubby, the girls, and dad cleaned saddles/bridles, I mowed my parents lawn for them. No I didn’t break my parents mower… a tree limb fell on it earlier this year.

I’m pretty sure Donk thought it was hot. I’m pretty sure I agreed with him!

I made arrangements with Tbug’s mom that she would get Tbug from my parents house, but that her kiddos could come ride too. So we got horses saddled before hand so Abug could ride some also.

And that was Father’s Day. Fairly low key, but for as hot as it was, who wanted to do much more?

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