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I was actually questioning my self on spelling consciousness correctly. Oddly enough, I did. So a new piece of information about myself I don’t think I’ve ever shared… back in grade school when we had to do those spelling tests, I always complained. My dad told me I needed to learn to spell and I remember clear as day smarting off at him, “Why does it matter if I can spell, it’s not like I’ll ever write a letter to the president of the United States.” That has always cracked me up. And prior to the last few years, I was a really good speller, now I’m just a decent speller.

For the last few days I have been writing blog posts in my head, but they haven’t been put anywhere but in my head. That makes me sad. I really like blogging, but in the last few years, my readership has gone down. Maybe that’s because I’m not a good blogger? Maybe not as many people read blogs? Maybe it’s a combination of both… I’m not really sure. It makes me really sad though.

This month I’ll have had this little piece of the blogosphere for 8 years. I started it in October 2009. I’ve mentioned before that little did I even know what a blog was at that time and it’s true. I wish I would have watched Julie and Julia before I did, I could have looked into a blog a lot sooner and maybe been more successful… just a thought anyway.

So what else has been flying through my head? My arm hurts. I’ve hurt my right arm somehow and I don’t know how. It’s been at least a week if not 2. I can barely raise my arm above my head without shooting pains flying through my arm. And now in the last 2 days, I’ve added my right leg hurting too. It’s almost like I pulled a hamstring or something, but the question is, how?

I woke up this morning and did my daily routine… get up, make my girl and me breakfast, and go let the horses out. Man, when I stepped outside the house with my shorts and t-shirt on, brrrr. I guess the storm that blew through overnight brought cooler weather. We were looking at a high of 52˚F today. Hello, fall. Dang! You came in quickly. Looking at the weather forecast for the next 3 weeks, we’re going to be up and down and up and down.

You know, I never really knew I liked the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen until I went to grad school. It’s actually a good book. And I like the movie too. I’ve only seen the one with Kiera Knightly, I’d like to see the other version. So Hallmark made a for Hallmark movie based kind of off Pride and Prejudice called Unleashing Mr. Darcy. It’s an okay movie I guess. I really like Hallmark movies. They’ve been previewing that they are about to start with the Christmas movies and m so uber excited. It’s stupid really. I can’t help it though, I really like Hallmark movies.

So I swear my daughter can read and I just don’t know it. I say this because the other day I was flipping through the tv looking for something to put on, probably a Hallmark movie truthfully, and we went to some show she liked. She called it out by name. There was no picture or anything other than the words, but she immediately knew what I was sitting on. How the heck? She does this to me quite often really.

And with that, my browser is acting up and upsetting me so I guess I’ll get off and see if I can restart it. Wish me luck!

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  1. readership ebbs and flows I think,I often still read,but don’t have a comment to add. My blog has certainly suffered the last while, lost my mojo I guess, maybe just for now or maybe I am done. time will tell

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