What happened?!?!?!?!?!

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Oh I thought I’d share some more photos of us.  These are more recent but they are still in our slide show for our wedding.  I’m not sure what happened from there to now but oh well, it’s us 🙂

PC on Graduation day
Running in Queen pageants (boy I wish I still looked like this!)

Sgt. Welch, PC, and Sgt Macahagan before deploying to Afghanistan
Me with my Grandma & Grandpa Smith
PC in the back of an Army plane
Chelsie & me showing my Ewe, Allie, at the MO State Fair
Ah, isn’t he cute! 🙂
It took these 2 ladies 3 1/2 hrs to braid 96 braids into my hair.  It took 1 1/2 hrs for my mom to take them back out.
PC’s a workin
I love this look on my face.
He looks so serious here!
Man if you’ve never been white water rafting, GO!!!
Not sure what the deal is with the peace sign
Their Dairy cows in Costa Rica look way different than ours.
Again with the peace sign
My Friend April got married
Mark & Tim in Afghanistan
This was when Squirty was born.  Now we are waiting for Aloha’s baby any day!
I love to listen to this boy pick and sing!
One of the rare photos of my mom & me.  She hates having her photo taken and refuses.  This was on the Statue of Liberty in NYC
Don’t ask me, I don’t know 🙂
This is my mom’s sister.  AC
Here is Greg (deployed last week), Tim (deployed first of May) and Sgt. Welch (deploys in August) with Mark when we went down over Easter weekend.  We wanted to see them before they all left for Afghanistan.
My friend Josh took this and I just love it.  It makes me look skinny 🙂
This time I just grabbed a handful.  There isn’t much rhyme or reason other than since it is so close to Memorial Day I wanted to share photos of PC and his gang while they were and are serving in Afghanistan.  Please remember to say thanks for all the troops that are risking their lives and leaving their families so that we can go off and milk cows in Costa Rica or go white water rafting or run in queen pageants or do whatever else your heart desires.  It is because of them that we can have this freedom!
Peace Love and Freedom!
Nicole 🙂

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