Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies

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I’m having fun with these sugar cookies. They are challenging me in fact. The other day I was asked if I could do some for a Bridal shower. They wanted diamond ring, wedding cake, dresses, and hearts. At that point in time, I only owned cookie cutters for dresses and hearts. That didn’t bother them or me. I told them I may get the other’s, but I’d for sure do the dresses and hearts. Then we went to Tulsa.

While in Tulsa my aunt asked if there was anywhere I needed/wanted to go shopping. My answer, which is usually my answer, Williams Sonoma. I knew they’d have the cookie cutters I needed. I quickly grabbed the diamond ring but was hesitant on the cake cutter. It seemed so large and I was afraid it’d be difficult to make.

Guys, I’m telling you… my favorite out of all these cookies was the cake. So super easy and soooooo pretty! I only cut out 6 (well truth be told 8 because I always cut out a couple extra just in case). After it was all said and done, I really wish I would have cut out more of the cake. I’m telling you, they were my favorite.

I think my second favorite was the hearts, followed by a toss up on ring or dress.

I made arrangements to meet up with Bobby to get her the cookies for her daughter’s bridal shower. Guys, she was so happy with them. That always makes me happy. I am quite the worrier. I always worry people won’t like what I’ve done. By the way, did I mention my favorites were the cake and I wish I would have done more of them?

Anyway, for those of you helping me keep count, she ordered 4 dozen cookies which puts my total to:

17 dozen out of 300 dozen complete.

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