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Ok the story I promised to share with you. And I’ll tell you Prince Charming reads every one of my posts and he’ll feel bad again, but I don’t tell this story to make him feel bad… I think it’s cute and funny. That’s just the way I roll.

One of the new things at weddings is to do (and not so much new but not something even really in the 90’s) is to have a slide show of the couple growing up. Well I knew the first time I saw that at a wedding that’s just what I wanted to do if I ever got married some day. Well it wasn’t to long after we got engaged I started hunting photos down for our slide show and we started discussing how we wanted to do it and where to place it, etc. The hardest part of it is finding photos of Prince Charming. There are baby photos of him and then it skips a bunch of years and then all I was finding was photos of him and his daughter. Now don’t get me wrong, she is going to be in our family but the wedding is about us. She’ll get her day someday and I’ve included her in some of the photos also. Another problem I ran into was some of the younger photos of him, he had his wedding ring on and I’m not allowing that to be in a slide show for our wedding. That’s just weird. So I’ve been hounding all of his friends and family to hunt down photos of him for me.

So before I actually had all the photos of him, I had a bunch of mine I wanted to use so I got on his Mac and started to create our wedding slide show. Then I’d add his in when I got them and add affects, music, etc. Yeah not the brightest move on my part b/c I got to the point I wanted to move things around but I already had it him, me, him, me, etc that it was difficult. We figure I probably had about 10 hours put into this project.

Now jump forward a couple weeks and we went to Kentucky to see his friends. Well he wound up swapping Mac laptops with his friend Tim. He was doing a back-up on his so he wouldn’t lose any of the work and I was mouthing him about not losing my slide show. About 30 minutes later he goes…. Uh oh, you’re going to be mad at me. I mouthed off, why, did you lose my slide show? and he answers Yes. I looked at him and just grinned and laughed and he gave me a funny look. I said you know had it been the week of our wedding, I might have stressed a little bit, not gotten mad, just stressed a little bit, but actually I’m not upset at all that you lost it. They all looked at me like I’d lost my mind. So I explained: I was getting frustrated trying to move things around but I had so much time in it already I hated to scrap it. This gave me a reason to start fresh!

Tim helped me out with more photos of PC and I’m pleased to announce, I’m about 95% done with the show and it was 10 times easier and looks 10 times better. I have to add in 2 more photos, transitions and songs and I’m DONE!!!!

I also have all photos saved on my computer too so if this happens again, piece of cake!

But I thought I would share some of the baby photos of us for you after my huge long story 🙂

Baby PC with his mommy.

This is me. I was only a couple hours old here. This was the hospital photos they take.

Baby PC with grandma.

I told you I was riding horses before I could walk. This was August 30th and I was born July 30th. 1 month and I was riding horses!!!

Baby PC with his family

This is my first birthday. I was told it was at Red Lobster.

Isn’t he so cute!

This was a Christmas party where my mom worked. I was like 18 months.

Look at him… I loved him even then (if only through pictures now)

My mom avoids cameras if at all possible.

PC with his Aunt Robin, riding horses.

First trip to the dentist you get your photo taken with him.

And PC went to the same dentist!!!

Until next time,
Lots of Love,
Nicole :o)

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