Woohooo Presents for Doti!

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I met Doti in college. We had similar majors (both housed in the agriculture department) and we went to be in the same sorority together. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a sorority girl. The agriculture department had a Professional Agriculture Sorority and my parents made me join. It wasn’t even linked into the Greek organization. I really didn’t want to join but I did b/c mom and dad were paying the school bill and I didn’t want to upset them where I had to pay it :). Anyway back to Doti. It’s so funny because my hometown is only about 12,000 people so you run into people you know a lot or people that know you, etc. Well she wound up moving to my hometown. I finally came back here also after college. In almost 5 years we never ran into each other, EVER. It’s crazy until one day we staged a run-in at the Mexican restaurant. After that never saw each other until our second staged run-in. It was right after we both got engaged and we met at the Mexican restaurant to celebrate engagements. Then I finally ran into her at the Wal-mart (or Wal-marts as people call it around here but I’m pretty sure it’s just singular 😉 haha). Well her big day is June 12. She had a bridal shower over the weekend and I was invited (as you saw in this post) and of course I went!!

hey that’s my present!! 🙂

It even came in a polka dotted box :). It was a bunch of little things that she registered for.

There is the “Marriage Survival Kit

I so wanted to steal those, they are purple after all 🙂

I was playing with the settings on my camera… I got it a little dark. I bet photoshop could have fixed that but I’m tired~!

a drying rack for when she washes dishes.

I don’t remember but the box was HEAVY!

This was the same thing from another guest as the previous. They were super heavy.

I think that was the wrapping paper they talked about that was pre-stuck. no tape needed.

I can’t remember what this was either. Boy I’m bad at this game!

I fell in love with this hamper! I want one, PC are you listening 😉

It’s Doti the blushing Bride to be 🙂

Here’s Doti with her mom on the left (White sweater) and her FMIL (Future Mother in law) on the right (b&w shirt)

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  1. Yeah for Doti!!! I am so excited for her…and you too! I am glad ya'll both found wonderful men who will take care of you the way ya'll deserve!
    I still need to make it over your way some time and get with ya'll both and just play catch up!

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