Him and me, me and him

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We just fit together like peas in a pod! He’s great! I said I’d post some photos from Kentucky and wow, I’m finally getting to it, and the sad thing, I got Dallas pictures up rather fast and that was the weekend after Kentucky. Prince Charming’s friend, Greg, was getting so tickled at me but Prince Charming is just used to it. Me, I was sitting there while they were talking, playing with the settings on my camera. I just used Prince Charming as my model and he sat there talking to Tim & Greg. Greg asked me what the heck I was doing and Prince Charming said, Oh probably playing. Greg was like doesn’t that bother you and I looked at Greg and told him that Prince Charming is fairly used to it! It happens a lot!

He’ll usually smile at me for a few 🙂

Now he’s concentrating!

About now is when Greg is giving him/me fits

I’m not sure anything in this photo is completely in focus….

Don’t let him fool you, he knows what I’m doing 🙂

hm mmm….something caught his eye on his computer screen

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