We’ve got a BEAR!!!!!

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Ok so technically he is an Australian Shepherd named Bear but he’s huge. The guy we got him from told us he could eat us out of house and home if we let him.

So the story b/c as with me, there’s always a story :). My dad sent me a link one day at work off Craig’s List about this Australian Shepherd dog that someone in my hometown was giving away. I made the comment boy I want an Aussie. Dad was like well geez, why didn’t you say something. (This was Thursday last week). So Friday Prince Charming goes searching for the ad for this Aussie and found it and sent it to me. So he tried calling the phone numbers (cell & home) all day with no response. Prince Charming was afraid they’d already given him away but it was worth a shot. A little after 5 the owner called back. Turns out they still had the dog and the guy just lived around the corner from where I do (actually just across the hwy). So he gave us directions and we headed over there. The funny part, this guy works at the same company we do.

So Jeff was telling us where he got the dog and I just crack up laughing. Of course, that gets a weird look from him and Prince Charming and I told the story of this dog. My dad had a female that was a blue merle named Cactus. She had a litter of puppies and my dad’s cousin got one of the puppies. So Adrian’s dog had a litter of puppies and Jenny & Sam got one from her litter. Well, Bear is out of Jenny & Sam’s female. Oh, but it gets better. A few years ago I had a huge red merle Aussie named Max. I had to find a new home for Max (he got in and killed some of my sheep) so he went to live with Jenny & Sam. So Bear is an offspring of Max and a grandson of Cactus so our Aussie bloodlines made a full circle back to us.

It’s just crazy to think about how small this world really is!

So we brought Bear home and Morelli hates him. Other than Morelli we have Mudflap who is a male also, however, Morelli got his bluff in on Mudflap when he was a puppy. Morelli is half the size of Bear and trying to get his bluff in on Bear. Bear really doesn’t want much to do with any of them. We’ve kept Bear tied up for a couple of days while we’re at work so that he doesn’t run off since Jeff lives so close. I’ve been waking up 2 mornings to Bear barking his head off at 6:15-6:30 am. grrrrr….. (so not a morning person). But other than that, he fits in well.


My favorite is that Bear smiles. He comes up to you showing all his teeth, but not growling, he’s smiling. I do have to catch that on camera!!! And Mark has a good truck dog. Bear got loaded up and hauled down to my grandparents last night and did just great! Yey our new outside, Aussie named Bear!!!!

I caught him sticking his tongue out… haha!

It’s funny, Morelli, Mudflap, and Bear all keep marking the same spots…

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