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So Prince Charming and I have finally found a place to live after we get married (as long as nothing falls through…..). How exciting is that? I’ll have to give you a tour of the house one of these days. No more living in a tent! Yey. Ok well, that’ll make sense when I say this… Everyone has been asking us where we are going to live once we get married. In my last semester of college, I moved back home because I was doing my student teaching and it was the same distance drive from mom & dad’s house as it was from my apartment up by the school to where I did my student teaching so I saved money by moving home. I’m not sure my parents expected me to stay though…. i’ll have to ask and get back to you. When Prince Charming moved home from Tuckesee (Kentucky/Tennessee line at Ft. Campbell) last fall, he moved back in with his mom. So I always joked around and said we’d live in a tent in my parent’s back yard.

We take possession of the house on June 1. I don’t want to live out there by myself so Prince Charming is moving out there and then I’ll move in after we’re married. Over the weekend we went shopping for some stuff for the house. It all has receipts so if this falls through it can all go back, but you can’t pass up the deals we found! Anyway, that’s besides the point of this post.

So one of the deals is since we aren’t taking possession until June, we still have to go out and mow the yard between now and then so they don’t have to pay someone too. And boy has that been a headache, literally… I’m so congested today I’m not sure how I’m getting air into my lungs. And I’ve never been congested mowing lawn. It’s weird! Anyway, we had all intentions of mowing the lawn on Saturday but were told Friday night we did a good job of mowing the lawn. Prince Charming and I looked at each other and then said, um… wasn’t us. We planned on doing that tomorrow. Well since we were told that we got busy on Saturday and dumb us assumed it was done. Sunday we headed out there and realized the lawn indeed had not been mowed. We looked at each other with the same oh crap look and started plotting how we were going to get out there to get it done.

Well, Monday is Dancing with the Stars and I’d rather watch the show than the results anyway so we decided to head out last night (Tuesday) to mow the lawn. My parents said we could use their lawnmower too so we could tag-team it and my mom volunteered to come out and help us weed eat so we were going to put both lawnmowers up on my dad’s flatbed trailer but that backfired too. My uncle had it loaded down with scrap metal so…. my dad loaded their mower up in the bed of his truck and Prince Charming loaded ours up in his and we headed to the house.

Have I mentioned he and I both have the best parents in the world???? Well, we do!!!!!!! His dad and my mom used weed eaters and he and I tag-teamed on the mowing. We got it done in about 2 1/2 hrs.

It so looks like he’s looking at me, but I don’t think he knew I was taking his picture, I was a long ways away… zoom!

See I was mowing too!!!

He never dodges the camera but right there he tried.

haha see I told you I was mowing!

We shouldn’t ever let the grass get this high… it looked like we were cutting hay!

and the trees… boy there’s a lot of things to go around…

Here’s the front of the house after the yard was mowed

And here’s the side.

This is standing in the driveway in front of the house looking toward the road.


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