Five Guys Burgers & Fries – St. Louis, MO

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If there’s one thing hubby and I enjoy, that’d be a good hamburger/cheeseburger.  While we were driving around St. Louis, we noticed, again just in our neighborhood, a Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  My mom introduced us to this when we were in Fayetteville so we knew before we left town we soooo had to try it out.  And that we did.

When you enter you can grab yourself some peanuts to eat at your table, but look at those bags of potatoes!  Seriously!!!


You walk in and place your order, they give you a number and you take your seat.  Now our experience has been finding a place to sit is difficult but we went before the crowd hit so we lucked out.  I did notice while we were waiting for our food that you can call, fax or use the internet to place your order as well.  Sweet!

Five Guys also didn’t let us down, they had some dang good sweet tea!

Once our order was called hubby went and picked it up at the counter.  Look at that yummy food down in there!!!

For once hubby and I wound up getting a similar burger but mine was a single and his was a double.  Mine had tomato and his did not.  His had ketchup and mine had mayo.  Come on, a Bacon Cheeseburger needs mayo!  I also added mushrooms to mine, he added onion to his.  See, we don’t agree on what should be on a burger 🙂  The cool thing is on the receipt your burger gets a number and then on the package your burger is wrapped in, there is a number so you always know you grab yours.

And those gorgeous fries.  Just look at them!

We got a large and look, not only do we have a huge cup of fries but there’s a ton of fries in the bottom of the bag as well.  We couldn’t even finish them and we split the large order.

Ah, and the burger itself.  I swear, the look on my face says, “You touch my burger, I’ll bite you”… lol 🙂

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