Hermann Wurst Haus – Hermann, MO

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So if there’s one thing you know about my husband and me, we like to eat food :).  We’re also not afraid to try different foods either.  So on Friday of our St. Louis trip, we decided to head over to Hermann, MO and check out the wineries.  Well, something you may or may not know about Hermann is it was settled by a lot of German settlers, so, therefore, German food.

I told hubby that I wanted to eat somewhere in Hermann.  Now I have to share this piece right here, I googled the best places to eat in Hermann and it pulled up the top 18.  Number 18 just so happened to be Hardees… lol 🙂

Anyway, back to my story, one of the restaurants that pulled up was the Hermann Wurst Haus.  It also said they had cured meats so hubby and I plugged the directions into the GPS and away we went.  From where we were, Hermann was about a 70-mile drive, which wasn’t bad and we got to see some gorgeous Missouri country.

Once we got there,  they invited us in to do a sample tasting of some of their brats.

From there hubby and I decided on the ones we each liked and went and placed our order.  Now we were excited to see they had Sweet Tea.  Sadly though, it wasn’t very good.  I wound up getting Mellow Yellow instead or some lemon-lime drink like that.  (But if that’s my only complaint, I’m doing good!)

After we placed our orders, hubby and I took our turn going to the restroom while waiting on our food.  Now normally I wouldn’t point this out, but come on, how gorgeous is this bathroom :).  Oh and I almost had someone walk in while I took this photo… Awkward!

Now they had different options for lunch, you could get one brat of choice on a bun with sauerkraut and chips and a pickle (what you see here) or the meal which came with 2 sides.  I went with the chips and a pickle and then kicked myself in the butt after trying hubby’s sides.  My choice in brat was the Asiago & Chive Bratwurst.  Oh holy cow, it was the best out of the samples we had in my opinion.  Of course hubby disagrees 🙂

Hubby went with the other option which was 2 Brats with 2 sides (or else the chips and a pickle).  His sides he got beans (didn’t try) and the German Potato Salad (I should have gotten double of this!).  His Brats were the Wurst Haus Brat & Hauffbrau.

After we finished eating, we cleared off our table and walked around the rest of the shop to see what all they had to offer.

There were many cases of meats.  If we would have been coming home that day, we would have bought some, sadly we had no way to keep it cold for one more day.


Then they had specialty pasta.  Any Mizzou Fans out there?  Here’s your game day pasta!!


Before we left, I noticed on their board that they had Cheesecake.  I told hubby we needed to get a piece.  It was cheesecake on an oreo cookie type crust topped with cherry topping.  Now, this isn’t a combination I would have put together but it was sooooooooooooo good.

I even noticed that they delivered but I’m not sure the radius, I didn’t ask.


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