This one time I went to a 1st Birthday Party

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Okay truthfully I guess I’ve been to more than one… but this is the most recent. My niece just turned 1 last Friday (the 5th). Her birthday party was on Sunday. My SIL asked me to take a few photos… wouldn’t you know my camera was DEAD. So I stole hers, which I’d been wanting to play with one like anyway so it was the perfect opportunity. 🙂

Cousins with Memaw (or as EA would call her Grandma)

And I like to call this… The Liars Table :).

The three on the right were all born the same year, Tbug is the oldest. DL is 6 months behind her and CS is 3 months behind him (I think….). Then TF is a couple years behind them (3 maybe? not sure, no one has ever told me… he’s on the far left)

There was coloring and toys to be played with by all.

Abug wouldn’t pick her feet up for EA to push the elephant….

And then there was some story going around about confetti and Parties later that night… I have no clue, I walked in on that but use your imagination!

When I see my SIL’s camera sitting around, or in this case I had the camera the whole time pretty much, I always give her pictures like this just so she knows that we are present.

Abug got in on putting Confetti down Memaw’s shirt. Tbug got blamed for this.

We took the first picture at EA’s baby shower so I made it a point to put us in the same pose for a picture this year. This should become a yearly thing…. just saying.

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