Birthday Party Take 2

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My baby is already a year and a week old. Holy cow! So it’s time to suck it up and do the rest of her birthday and quit dragging my feet at admitting she’s a toddler. <sigh>. So we planned baby girl’s family birthday on her birthday at my parents house. Hubby’s grill was already over there and hey I didn’t have to clean my house while I felt horrible. I have caught something and it won’t let loose… a cold, the flu, something. Yuck!

Baby girl loves hamburgers and since it is her birthday we chose to make her favorite foods. She also likes Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips so my father in law brought those. My grandma made her baked beans. I requested potato salad because she doesn’t care for that. My MIL made her birthday Cheesecake, strawberry and cherry. And we were set. Mom bought some cute/fun table clothes for $.97 and bam, the table was set. Again #pinterestfail but oh well

Fun story… so usually my MIL is one of the first people to show up when invited. By 6:20 she still hadn’t shown up even though we said between 6 and 6:30 so I called her to check on her. She said that she was on her way, she had fallen while taking the cheesecakes out to her car. I asked if she was okay and she said yes. She said she dropped the Cherry cheesecake to save her balance and so it was cherry cheesecake smoosh. I told her it was fine. So when we took the lid off Tbug asked if she could eat the stuff in the lid. I said have at it. She did share with the birthday girl though.

We brought the chalkboard sign again so that those who weren’t at the lake could see her stats.

Grandma J was the first one to show up. Tbug and Grandma entertained baby girl while we did all the prep work on her dinner. I use we loosely because I still felt horrible.

Abug isn’t used to having someone her size (or smaller) around so she wasn’t sure what to think of everyone holding my niece. She might have been slightly jealous but she was also patting and giving kisses too.

All the presents went into the corner to wait until after dinner. I think baby girl knew something was going on because she wasn’t real crazy about eating. I had Tbug help her open presents when it was time. I almost think we had more fun with her presents than she did. Hubby took them all out of their packages and she bounced around to the different toys we were all playing with.

All ready for the Chiefs games with her new headphones. Have to protect those pretty ears of hers in the loud Chiefs stadium!

I made sure to get a family picture. Hubby is fighting the same coldish stuff I have so he grudgingly got off the couch, but since it was for baby girl and I asked nicely and he likes pictures too it didn’t take much convincing.

And that wraps up baby girl’s birthday. Happy Birthday loved one!

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