365 – June – Photos 274-303

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Happy Fourth of July! I figured if I didn’t get these posted now it might be next month… okay maybe not but anyway, happy 4th everyone!!

274/365 – Look what I found today on my way out to saddle up horses… I’ve never found a 4 leaf clover before… Must mean horses are good luck!

275/365 – My partner in crime! Maybe even call her my Mini Me… but she looks nothing like me…

276/365 – My partner in crime for the day! And look, she’s even color coordinated… (hint: shoes/shirt)

277/365 – Dive club meeting… Where were you… Lol 🙂

278/365 – So hay season is starting out fun. I was sent to drive a 10 mileish radius looking for this part. I found it but it was only part of what I needed. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack… I never found the other part that’s even smaller 🙁

279/365 – Got the opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding for a great couple and their families! So here’s a sneak peek 🙂

280/365 – The sun is out. The heat is on. The mower’s a goin, the bailer’s a bailin. And we’re unrolling an Oooops bale… ooops.

281/365 – I have no idea what kind of flowers these are… I never learned how to use my green thumb for anything other than hayfields 🙂

282/365 – My view today. I’m tired.

283/365 – Tori got to help Extreme Sports Scuba out at 5 Mile Children’s Camp when we went to do a “Try Scuba” for the kids.

284/365 – From the office. My view from the “executive” chair. All in a days work!

285/365 – So yeah… 10 minutes after we got to the house… the rain blew in and it POURED! That was a lucky equipment move.

286/365 – Mmmm Mocha Frappe. This was yummy!

287/365 – So there was a double rainbow, the second one was just so faint you can’t see it in this picture :(. This rainbow was bright and had a full arch though.

288/365 – The fun things you find in fun places…. first a screwdriver at a stoplight… next a deer in the Ed’s/Extreme Sports Scuba parking lot…

289/365 – Be jealous. Be very jealous!

290/365 – campers in the water week 3.

291/365 – Working on baking cupcakes for Addison’s birthday {cup}cake.

292/365 – Beautiful sunset!

293/365 – Tori found an animal at the Extreme Sports Scuba Safari Hunt! And a special Thanks to Doug for being her dive buddy!

294/365 – Happy Father’s Day to my daddy and that wonderful husband of mine who woke me up snoring so I could go outside and experience this beautiful sunrise by our gracious God! And my father in law and all the other great dads out there! And happy the longest day of the year! Welcome Summer!

295/365 – Interesting words of advice/wisdom… do you want to put “in bed” at the end???

296/365 – Ho Hum….

297/365 – Another night at camp. Ah I love summer!

298/365 – Someone went and got their muscles on… I started the day raking hay for my uncle, finished the day helping my dad put hay in the barn. I’m tired.

299/365 – Happy 1st birthday beautiful baby girl

300/365 – I kind of put my foot down and said we were doing family photos since we haven’t done them in a few years. Oh and I only have 65 more days on this 365 project 🙂

301/365 – So one thing that comes out of hitting red lights all the time is seeing the beautiful sky in the mirror… Just looking for the positive.

302/365 – Don’t watch “The Fault in our Stars” if you don’t want to cry. It’s a real tear jerker. Hubby and I have had it for a while and we finally watched it tonight.

303/365 – How on earth is it really the last day of June… seriously where is this summer and year going?

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