365 – May – Photos 244-274 – Take 2

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I don’t typically post on weekends, every once in a while I do… this just so happens to be one of those days…. trying to get through all these posts I have waiting to be posted :). Happy Saturday! I’m off to take pictures at NCHA day!

244/365 – Sigh, this kid. I just love her!

245/365 – It’s puppy time. 8 puppies and they were all male… 

246/365 – this is my kind of final!

247/365 – May the Fourth Be with You

248/265 – Last day of classes for my Master’s Program. I spent a lot of time in this building. It’s bitter sweet! I realized while sitting in my last class that it was the same classroom as my first ever class, Brit Lit 1 at 1pm with Dr. McCallum. My last Class was Digital Humanities at 12:30 with Dr. McDaniel. Crazy!

249/365 – What’s the saying, once a Gorilla, always a gorilla….

250/365 – 3 years ago this day seemed so far off. Wow did time fly.

251/365 – Hanging out with Mommy on Mother’s Day before she leaves the country for 8 days.

252/365 – I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again

253/365 – Headed out for our first boat dive of the trip. Exciting!!!

254/365 – After a great day of diving, we went into town and had dinner, then walked around to see the sights!

255/365 – There is something truly stunning about Palm Trees. Maybe it’s because I’m from the midwest and we don’t have them… or maybe, just maybe it is because it means we’re in a tropical location!!

256/365 – I’m in love with sunsets. I like sunrises too but there is something about sunsets I absolutely LOVE! I sometimes wish we could pick the ocean up and move it to Missouri…. there’s a thought!

257/365 – I swam with sharks. I was scared initially, but these sharks aren’t Great White Sharks, nope, they were nurse and reef sharks. Not bad at all!

258/365 – Decor at Casa Mission Restaurant, Cozumel, Mexico

259/365 – Waiting on the sunrise. This was the area behind our hotel. I was up at 5am waiting on the sunrise and got up at 5:50 to make sure I didn’t miss it. It came around 6:10 or so.

260/365 – Someone was a little excited to see mommy and daddy come home from their trip.

261/365 – Playing with angles for a sunset. Don’t worry I wasn’t moving. I stopped and I was on the road my parents live on… It’s a dead end road.

262/365 – She really doesn’t watch TV but if Mickey Mouse Club House comes on, watch out! Watch Minnie. Watch Minnie. Watch Minnie.

263/365 – Check out this Night Sky! BEAUTIFUL!

264/365 – She’s almost 2 going on 17. She got to be one of the big girls and she LOVED it!

264/365 – Sad day when the only picture I take is of my peeling sunburn…

266/365 – There is something magical about springtime on my road. I love this view!

267/365 – Happy Birthday Deb!

268/365 – It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring, he jumped out of bed and bumped his head and didn’t get up until morning.

269/365 – a night at the ball field and Tbug made it home!

270/365 – Feeding the fish at Lost Bridge Marina. Abug might have tried to try the fish food. Don’t worry, she didn’t.

271/365 – So my camera (underwater) spent a couple hours at 54 feet in the cove at Beaver Lake. Thanks to Deb and Dan for going on a recovery with me! At 15 feet or so doing our safety stop we started building fish habitats out of rocks. I appreciate everyone’s help! MarkKimberlyDoug, and anyone else who I didn’t know went out looking for it.

272/365 – Having fun on the slide. Yes, they all came down on Tbug’s lap.

273/365 – 2 years ago at this breakfast we had 24 in attendance. This year we blew that number out of the water with 32. Look at us go!

274/365 – The view out of our friends front door. I might be jealous of this view!

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