Chief’s Draft Party

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This is where I got stuck in the line after having to run our diaper bag back to the vehicle. I was like 25 in the line and then got all the way back here… oh well.

TJ Barnes #77 – Defensive Lineman

Will Ratelle – Running Back

Spencer Ware #32 – Running Back

Zach Fulton #73 – Outside Linebacker

Danan Hughes – Retired Wide Receiver. He turned his nametag around and put Joe Montana on it. One kid before us went through and called him the right name and he just beamed.

Kelly Goodburn – Punter

Ted McKnight – Running back

Bill Maas – Defensive Tackle

She got to hold one of the cheerleader’s pompom’s while they were signing her poster.

When we found out we were going, I asked if we could take her too because for the last month she’s been talking about going to the Ball Game (as in a football game). Dan said of course and I think she had a blast.

This year we drafted Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. We traded a bunch of things to move from #28 up to number 10 in the draft.

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