2016 Chiefs Draft Party

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Here we are, Finals week. Not only finals for the semester, but this is my last semester of graduate school. But we’ll address that all in another post! Today let’s address the issue that last Thursday night I got to go to my second Kansas City Chiefs Draft Party! What?!?! And this year, the hubs even got to go. btw, I almost dropped my phone getting this picture. See what I do for my bloggy?

And this picture was for Deb. Our evently (word?) foot picture. So DW was laughing because his shoes don’t fit in. I pulled up my pant leg as did hubby and Jared and we were all wearing the same boots. Gotta love it!

KC Wolf came walking up and I just had to have my picture with him. When he went past, the group behind me wanted their picture and then couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t show up. I really wanted to offer some advice but figured I should keep my mouth shut. Hubby accuses me of being a know it all and picture snob sometimes….

A sea of Red!

Doors opened at 6. Now here’s time time I tell you how I called hubby and Jared fat… So they picked me up around 2:30 or 3 that afternoon. When I got in the truck they said, Where are we going to grab a bite to eat. I was like they have food there. they said yes but we didn’t eat lunch. I said I hadn’t either (I typically don’t on Tuesday/Thursday). They said, yeah but this is us you’re talking about. I was like oh, the fat boys in the front seat? And that’s what I haven’t lived down yet.

And what was the first thing we did when we got in the doors? Table, then food.

Btw, I didn’t get carded. Um…. I also didn’t drink but it was cool I didn’t get carded. Does that mean I look old though?

I took one of Tbug’s shirts up with me to get autographed for her. I couldn’t get hubby to stand in line with me so I went through one set of players for her and one set of players for him.

#55 Dee Ford – Linebacker

#99 Rakeem Nunez-Roches – Defensive Lineman

#2 Kelly Goodburn – Punter

#43 Efe Obada – Defensive End

#95 Niko Davis – Defensive End

#11 Tony Adams – Quarterback (’75-’78)

So this is where the shirt change. Story again… I wore my shirt under hubby’s shirt. Last year I was teased that I stripped off and threw my shirt at DW to have him take it through and get signed. He was only 15 and blah blah. I had a shirt underneath. So this year, I decided to wear a shirt underneath in case I needed to take my top one off.

So…….. I also went around and took a poster that I got and had the cheerleaders sign one each for the girls. After I got through this line I put hubby’s shirt back on and the writing was across my chest. The cheerleaders at the cheer table asked if I was having fun and made mention that I got my shirt signed. I was like yeah. They said, this year. Yes, then I said…… Don’t worry I took my shirt off for them to sign. The look on their face was priceless so I said, “OH I must clarify I have a shirt on underneath this. I promise.” and then pulled it out of the neck hole for them to see. Oh dear…

73 Zack Fulerton – Offensive Line

13 De’Anthony Thomas – Wide Receiver (in the stadium when they announce his name it sounds like they’re saying The Anthony Thomas….)

53 Ramik Wilson – Linebacker

59 Shawn Barber – Linebacker

50 Anthony Davis – Linebacker

66 Rickey Siglar – Offensive Lineman

63 Bill Maas – Defensive End

Why did I take a picture of a bag of shoes? Well… Some of the red coaters came and sat at our table. One thought this was a giant Oreo cookie….

And we went all the way up there for #28 in the draw to find out we traded and we got better odds in other draft rounds! Hey it was All worth it!

Then I drove home while everyone snoozed after an hour and a half conversation about cars that I paid no attention too apparently. I don’t remember much of the conversation anyway. I was annoyed at the radio because they were playing really slow, relaxing, mellow music, which isn’t what you drive home to at 11pm at night…. Just saying :). Don’t worry I was wide awake. (oddly enough)

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