2015 Chiefs Draft Party

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Normally on the first day of the month I post that I’ve still been plugging away at my project 365. And just so we’re clear I have been! But today warranted a different post… like what I was up to yesterday!

What was I up to yesterday you ask? Well writing a paper that was due at 9am this morning. No that’s not blog worthy! What is… the fact that I got my paper done. Oh wait, no!!!

What’s blog worthy is the fact that I was invited and got to attend the Chiefs Draft Party! Score!!

Danielle and I drove up together to meet the rest of our crew. She had to leave after work and I had a paper to write. That came first!! So when we got there we parked in BFE. People thought we were joking but when we got there there was a Royals game last night and we wound up in Royals parking because they ran out of room in the Draft parking. Yup, we were in BFE :).

As we were walking in we got to stop and meet Suzie and WarPaint. I got Abug a signed photo and of course got my picture with them. Although I joked that I couldn’t be in a picture with her because she was prettier than I am.. lol.

Then we took off walking to the Training Complex. We even got to walk down on the practice fields. One is grass, the other is bouncy turf stuff. I felt like I could run across there and do a cartwheel because it was so bouncy. Don’t worry I didn’t try.

So Dan and Grady are Red Coaters. Dan told Danielle to let him know when we got there. I went to give them my ticket to go in and it wouldn’t scan. I just about had a heart attack, then another Red Coater came up and said I wasn’t allowed in unless I had $75 to buy a ticket. I about croaked. Well we wound up with 3 tickets because one of our group wasn’t able to come so Danielle went to give me the other ticket and they scanned hers. Hers scanned. The Red Coater lady started laughing, Dan came out of the shadows and laughed and they let me through. I was about in tears, partially because I’ve never been here and I was nervous and then my ticket didn’t scan and we drove 2 1/2 hours and and and and.

So at the Draft Party there’s all the food you want all the time. When we got there it was 6ish pm and I was hungry so it worked out!

This picture in multiple forms wound up on facebook. Nice huh?

So halfway through eating Dan and Grady point out one of the Red Coaters and said I needed to meet him so Dan and I went and tracked him down. He was one of the original secret service for President John F. Kennedy. They told me every story you hear from him is different, I heard about him and Sean Connery. Sean Connery was filming one of the James Bond movies and Ray told him that he was the original James Bond. Okay, seriously how cool is that?!?! This is Ray Zachobich (please don’t quote me on this spelling:)) And the flag on his lapel is what they wear at the White House. I’d sure like to hear more about that!

So Tbug is on a competitive cheer team. The KC Cheerleaders had a poster of all of them that they were signing so I got a copy and went around and got signatures for Tbug. They were all sooooooo nice. Asking if this was my first Draft party which it was and commenting on my belt/buckle. And then telling me I needed to eat to keep my energy up and strength. ha!

Dan and I walked a complete circle around the complex getting different cheerleader autographs for Tbug and we ran into Will Shields. He played 14 seasons for the KC Chiefs. In 2012 he was inducted into the KC Chiefs Hall of Fame and in 2015 it was announced that he was inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame.

So then while we were walking around, Dan knows all the Red Coaters and get this… So the Arizona Cardinals recently re-did their practice locker rooms and they were going to throw out all the old lockers but one locker is kept in honor of former player Pat Tillman. Tillman played for the Cardinals in 98-01 before he enlisted in the US Army following the 9/11 attacks. He served in Afghanistan and 3 years after enlisting he was killed in the line of duty. So the Cardinals are keeping his locker in honor of him and his service. How awesome is that?

So then…. I was going to wear my jersey but instead decided to wear hubby’s shirt I got him for Christmas. There was the possibility that we might go to the Royals game afterwards (we didn’t) so I had on a blue tank top under the Chiefs shirt. One of our group, Drake was in line to get his jersey signed so I took my shirt off and threw it at him and asked him to have it signed.

Dan thought it would be funny to put on facebook that he and I were on a mission to find cookies for Danielle and me (we were), we didn’t find any (we hadn’t yet) so when I took off my shirt we found some (oddly enough just after I took my shirt off I found cookies. but remember I had a tank top on under the shirt!)

Hehe 🙂

My coke got taken away while I was off gallivanting so I came back and got another one. I got one that said share with a superstar. Heck yeah I’m a superstar!

Then Grady asked if I got my picture with the Super Bowl trophy. Well no…. where’s that. Ha they had a huge sign and I didn’t even pay attention so off I went again :).

And while we were waiting…

And our first round draft pick, Marcus Peters from Washington. And then it was all over and we packed up and headed home. At 11:55pm when I got home I submitted my paper that was due at 9am this morning :).

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