Friendsgiving 2019

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Friends giving tends to be a newer concept. One that I really only remember hearing about maybe 10 years ago or so now. It’s quite interesting though that it has caught on. I mean truthfully a lot of people celebrated this long before it had a name/concept.

This year we decided to start our first ever Friendsgiving. After the interesting year we’ve had, why not. While the outcome of the year might not be what we all expected, we still have a lot of things to be thankful for.

We started a Facebook group to see who was bringing what. I kind of waited until everyone else picked an item before I spoke up with what I was going to make. At first, I thought I’d make bacon-wrapped green beans, but then I decided to go with the Green Bean Casserole. I found a recipe online to make it all completely from scratch. I didn’t get my green beans thoroughly cooked though, so they were just okay.

While I was making the Green Bean Casserole, I can’t tell you how many green beans hit the floor. And for anyone wondering, I threw them away. I didn’t use them. I had a CRAPTON of green beans to use.

We finally made it to GranDeb’s house. When I set this up, I decided we should use her house. It was bigger than mine, but I told her not to stress about anything. The kids went to the living room to hang out while the grown-ups congregated around the table and in the kitchen where all the food was. I didn’t get my green bean casserole finished at my house and hubby was itching to leave, so I had to finish at GranDeb’s house.

This photo really cracks me up. So much going on with so very few words necessary.

If there’s food, they will come. That is the joke and really it is truthful. Look, we’re all congregated in the dining room and kitchen areas.

Hubby and Jared made the turkeys. There were 3 different flavors they did, all smoked. They got the pleasure of cutting up the birds too.

And since it’s always about the food, Here is Jody’s Crack Dip. Might as well be anyway.

Danielle brought deviled eggs.

Tiffiny brought a vegetable tray,

summer sausage with cheese,

and grapes.

Richard brought Texas Roadhouse Rolls with the Cinnamon Honey Butter.

I have no idea who brought which pies. But as you can see, there are lots of desserts, mainly pie.

The star of the show… The turkeys. I have no idea what the different flavors. Are they really called… Flavors?

this was a cookie bar dessert type thing. I believe Ronnie and Levi brought it.

Allison brought creamed corn.

GranDeb made mashed Potatoes.

Doug brought Mac and Cheese.

GranDeb made Chicken and Noodles.

My Greenbean Casserole and Dan’s Stuffing.

Memaw brought Sweet Potatoes.

Someone else, maybe Allison brought some Chicken and noodles also.

Tiffiny and Trevor bought their boys a Lab on their way to Friendsgiving. The lab was such a good puppy. He slept most of the time. I caught him a few times, grabbed my camera and a Santa hat, and had fun.

2 days later we were catering the Chiefs Game for the Red Coaters. Jared and Mark found one of the Red Coater flags. Levi helped Jared move it out of the garage.

It was pouring down rain. You can hardly tell from this photo, but it was pouring down rain.

Then I came home and had fun with Photoshop and this cute photo!

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  1. Sounds like such a wonderful Friendsgiving! We had ours this year and it is always so fun getting together with friends. Not to mention all of the delicious food!

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