A Week in the Life, Vol 1

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Welcome to 2020. Can you believe it’s already 2020? I swear I went to bed one night and the next day was the new year. Oh wait, that’s how that works, isn’t it?

Well, our New Year’s started off with a quick kiss at Midnight. Then it was off to dreamland because we had to get up early to head to the lake for the New Year’s Day Dive.

The next day at the lake, I didn’t partake in SCUBA Diving. I think I’m too much of a wimp. Now hubby and about 4 others have dry suits. Maybe if I had a drysuit I might try it, but I don’t have one so… We actually had 16 divers and 19 people on land. I heard the water temp was like 45-50 degrees. The on-surface temp was 56 degrees. The wind was frigid so that’s what made me sit there and contemplate life and why I thought it might be fun to go to the lake on New Year’s Day. As the surface temp warmed up it got better but the wind picked up. We had a wind block for a while made out of tarps but when David had to leave, we lost those. Brrr…

We were joking that the underwear (not really underwear but things you wear under your wet suit) made the guys look like they had abs.

After lake fun, we cleaned up and headed for Ice Cream. No trip to the lake is complete without ice cream. It’s kind of a staple around this group. And this cone here… is the smallest cone size you can get. It’s called PeeWee. 

Tbug’s birthday is January 2nd. Since it was our year to have her on New Year’s, we didn’t get her for her birthday. Jared thought we should get some fried pies to celebrate her birthday since we weren’t going to get to see her for her birthday. We had Coconut Cream Fried Pie (the best and my fave), Blueberry, Bavarian Cream, and Apple to choose from. When I heard Coconut Cream I was sold. I didn’t need to hear anymore.

We took Deb’s camper down with us so the people would have places to change out of the cold air and wind. Hubby has a short bed truck and the camper met the back of the cab of the truck as you can see. We were back at our house and backing it into the driveway. He told me to make sure he didn’t back into anything. Well, I was watching the wheels to make sure they didn’t drop off into the ditch and crunch. Ugh!

The next day we took the camper back to Deb’s house. Pete decided that we weren’t leaving him anywhere. It was funny. Later that day Abug had a playdate.

Friday we met up with my MIL for lunch. Abug loves Chinese and there’s one close to her house so we met her there for lunch. The top fortune is mine and the bottom is Abugs.

I spent most of the day between running errands tearing down the tree. I did read where you could leave the tree up until the 5th or the 6th. There is a debate and it is based around 12 days after Christmas… but the debate is does it include Christmas day or not? I was a little ahead of the game. Actually, that reminds me I need to go take my parent’s tree down still. Whoops.

That night we had a “dinner club.” So back in 2009 a group of friends and I got together once a month at different places around the area. The criteria was business casual or more for the dress code. The restaurants were non-chain. That’s pretty much it. I’ve been mentioning for a couple of years we should start this up again. Dress code could be thrown out the window. Finally, someone took me up on it. We got together and went to dinner. I think there were 16-19 of us… This is Chicken Piccata

Saturday was an interesting day. Abug went to ride horses with my dad. When we went to see if she was done and anyone might be interested in lunch… we walked in to a fire out in front of my dad’s barn. Interesting, right? That’s what we thought. An old sheep shed, our old rabbit cage, 2 push lawnmowers, my raised garden, a bunch of grass and weeds, and a small tiller got caught up in the mix. Otherwise, no real damage luckily. I guess my dad and Abug were walking to the barn to go and ride when Abug pointed out the fire. 

Hubby and I jumped in and helped put out the fire. Then we went to the arena and ate lunch and watched a little bit of the horse show.

That night we went to the movies. Abug loves going to the movies and I’ve tried to take her at least once a month. We haven’t always made it, but I sure try. This time we went to see Spies in Disguise. Cute movie. This is a newer theater or at least newly renovated. It has 26 seats in the theater and they all recline, like a recliner. They are electric even.

Since we went to the movies, we missed watching most of the game. In fact, we didn’t watch it but listened to it on the radio. Around our group of family and friends, we are not Patriots fans. So very happy to see they lost. Now we don’t have to play them in the playoffs. My Chiefs had a by-week. That meant we were high enough up we didn’t have to play first rounds. Next week we play the Texans. It is a home game. 

Sunday morning we decided we wanted to go eat breakfast. My parents went with us. This is Steak and Eggs in a hollandaise sauce over homestyle potatoes with a parmesan breadstick. Oh my gosh YUM.


Abug didn’t get to ride yesterday so we made sure she got to ride today.

And while she rode, I got the halter on my baby. Hubby helped me work with her some too. She’s now up in the barn waiting to get miles put on her.

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